Valentine’s colour matching game for toddlers

12 February, 2013

I was perusing one of my favourite blogs, No Time For Flash Cards, when I saw this great little activity for wee ones. I set it all up for Portia yesterday afternoon and she had some fun with it.

Photo credit: No Time For Flash Cards

I gathered the materials needed: contact paper, coloured markers, heart punch and construction paper.

The next step is to mount the contact paper to a wall, sticky side out.  Then, punch all the coloured hearts and draw the rainbow on the contact paper.

All there was left to do was wait for Portia to wake up and start sticking the hearts to the rainbow on the wall!

We talked about which coloured hearts matched with which colours on the rainbow and Portia happily stuck the hearts to the wall.  The nice thing about the contact paper is that we could move the hearts around after they had been stuck on.  Part of the fun was just the stickiness of the paper :) .

As with all our little crafty activities, this one was a huge hit for about 5-10 minutes and then we moved on.  I am going to leave the rainbow on the wall for a couple of days with the rest of the hearts to see if it will be revisited.

One little change I would make for next time would be to use crayons or permanent markers on the contact paper instead of the washable markers, as they rubbed off quite a bit on Portia’s hands and smeared our little rainbow!

I love this contact paper idea and am already thinking about other ways of using it!

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  1. Good one! I’m going to try that with my son who still seems a bit vague on his colours! We’ll use a different shape, maybe squares or triangles.

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