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What makes Math different from other subjects? What makes Math different from other subjects?
Do you remember those giant building blocks your kids play (or played) with? You know the ones – the big yellow, blue and red... What makes Math different from other subjects?

Do you remember those giant building blocks your kids play (or played) with? You know the ones – the big yellow, blue and red blocks that get every child and adult attempting, for hours, to make a giant, leaning structure?

We all love piling up those building blocks but when you really think about it, kids need to learn the fundamentals of how to make a structure that will stand up straight and not topple over immediately. Once we learn these basics of building blocks, we can create a huge, impressive structure and feel proud of our achievements… that is until someone else haphazardly knocks it all down!


The ‘Building Block Principle’

At Marine Drive Math & Science Centre, we believe that math is very much like those colourful building blocks – we call this the “Building Block Principle”. Beginning in Kindergarten, and each grade thereafter, students are taught math concepts that will be built upon in the next school year. In order to succeed in current and subsequent years’ math classes, children must have effectively learned the core concepts from previous years to be able to build upon them.

Imagine trying to do well in Grade 5 math if you haven’t learned the math concepts from Kindergarten to Grade 4 – this would be a nearly impossible challenge!

Now, let’s compare this principle to another subject in school to better understand the differences. Take Social Studies for example: In each grade level, Social Studies focuses on a different time in history, different geography or a different social structure. So, while obviously not an ideal scenario, a student could theoretically walk into Social Studies in Grade 6, never having taken Social Studies before, and do well simply by learning the concepts and information from that grade level.

In addition to these mathematics building blocks, there is another key difference in math: Children must practice, practice, practice! Much like a musical instrument, a second language or a sport, the more a student practices math, the better skilled and more confident they will be. Not to mention the fact that they will be able to apply those skills to a wide range of problem solving scenarios later in life!

The reality is that math becomes more and more difficult each year so understanding this “Building Block Principle” will help you, as parents, better support your children to achieve their mathematics potential!

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About Marine Drive Math & Science Centre

Since 1997 the Math & Science Centre, conveniently located on the fourth floor of Capilano Mall, has been providing tutorial services to students in North and West Vancouver. In that time we have helped over 1500 students improve their grades and confidence.

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We are proud to say that our tutors have been working at the Math & Science Centre for many years. They have worked with hundreds of learners and have gained exceptional experience in helping students with many different learning styles and abilities – from those who are struggling to those who are ready to be challenged.

Karen Hilton

Since 1997, Karen Hilton has owned and operated the Marine Drive Math & Science Centre located in Capilano Mall. In that time her centre has helped over 1500 students, from kindergarten to grade 12, improve their understanding, grades and confidence in mathematics, physics, chemistry and English.

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