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Top Tips for Successfully Completing a Juice Cleanse Top Tips for Successfully Completing a Juice Cleanse
Oh my goodness.  I DID IT!  Last week I completed a full 3-day juice/soup cleanse with North Shore Juice Company and I didn’t cheat... Top Tips for Successfully Completing a Juice Cleanse

Oh my goodness.  I DID IT!  Last week I completed a full 3-day juice/soup cleanse with North Shore Juice Company and I didn’t cheat ONCE!  Because juice cleanses are a commitment physically, mentally and financially (and so many seem to be hesitant to give it a go) I am going to be giving you a full run-down of how it all played out over the course of 3 days.

North Shore Juice Company Juice cleanse

We got home from 2 weeks in Mexico at 2am on a Sunday morning and I started the cleanse first thing on Monday morning.  Jasmine, owner of North Shore Juice Company, suggests that you start your cleanse at the beginning of the week.  Jasmine and I emailed back and forth quite a bit before I started the cleanse, as I had some concerns:

  1. I am a busy mom who works AND runs her own business.  I can’t afford to feel drained of energy at this stage in the game.
  2. I am pretty much fuelled by caffeine.  Like, actually.  I will skip a meal in the day, but you better believe I’ll meet my daily coffee quota.
  3. I’m cold all the time as it is.  Juices and smoothies all day, every day for 3 days…??

Jasmine told me from the get-go that she is available by email and text at any time.  Whenever I had a question, I always heard back from her within a couple of hours.  She is so personable and SO passionate about her business that I connected with her instantly and am really excited to share her business with my Vancouver friends! ANYHOO… Her responses to my queries:

  1. You are not alone with that concern, which is why North Shore Juice Co. cleanses are all CUSTOMIZED to meet each customer’s lifestyle.  (AMAZING!)
  2. If you really feel the need, you can have a cup of black coffee in the morning each day. (OK… GOOD TO KNOW!)
  3. That is EXACTLY why your cleanse will include my homemade bone broth to have at the end of each day.  (HOT SOUP?  NOW WE’RE TALKING!)

SOLD! Let’s do this!

But how did my body actually react and respond to the cleanse?  Oh man… there were some moments where I was so close to giving up.

Juice Cleanse survival and success


You know that saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”?  Yah, that was the theme of day 1 for me.  I wanted food.  To chew.  I’m not even going to pretend that I didn’t mind that all my nutrients were entering my system via straws.  The worst part was that I KNEW I couldn’t eat and that just made me want solids even more.  I was eyeing up and craving foods that I don’t even normally eat (or even like).  It was this strange sort of mental resistance that I felt I went through.

The juices and smoothies were DELICIOUS and I actually enjoyed them so much whenever I was drinking them, but I felt like I was missing something all day.  It was hard to keep my mind off of the fact that I was on this cleanse.  I would tell everyone I spoke to that day, maybe just to hear myself say it out loud and remind myself that I was doing something (that I clearly considered to be) hard to do.  So you can imagine how proud you feel once you make it through a full 24 hours and move onto …


I woke up feeling pretty good.  I thought I would be hungrier than I was, actually.  I’m a bit of a late-night snacker because if I wake up to go to the washroom, I’m up and I notice I am hungry.  I’ll often grab a yogurt or a glass of juice (oh, the irony!) just to calm my tummy and take my mind off my rumbling stomach. Same goes for first thing in the morning.  I can’t even sleep-in in the morning, because my stomach wakes up before I do.  So, the fact that I woke up feeling “fine” was interesting to me.

“Fine” until about 3pm, that is.  That is when the HEADACHE and nausea kicked in.  I call it the ‘caffeine withdrawal evening’ because although Jasmine had given me the green light on drinking a cup of coffee each day, I chose to waive that right and really rid my body of all the toxins I felt it had been storing.  Well, I certainly paid the price with a throbbing headache and overall not feeling so hot.  If I hadn’t been ready to quit the day before, I was certainly ready by 5pm on Day 2.

But, I kept going…


After I ate my bone broth soup at the end of DAY 2, I felt worlds better.  That soup was seriously my saving grace.  I felt the BEST I’d felt in 3 days though on DAY 3 itself!

On the morning of Day 3, I woke up before my alarm (a.k.a my 4 year old)! That almost never happens.  I had a spring in my step.  I had NO hunger pangs at all.  No headache.  No nausea.  Ready to take on the day.  I felt INCREDIBLE all day long.  I had to make sure I didn’t forget to drink my juices and smoothies because the cleanse suddenly wasn’t an all-consuming thought.  I was going about my day and the cleanse was happening simultaneously, but it felt like such a great day.  And by the end of the night on Day 3, I felt strong and so proud of myself for ‘making it’.  There’s something to be said about rising to a challenge and coming out successful on the other end.  It’s not every day that I get to feel rewarded like I felt when I completed the cleanse. I highly recommend that feeling!

For me, doing a cleanse was all about the ‘feeling’ and about giving my body a refresh.  I don’t weigh myself, but I feel stronger and so much healthier from the inside out.  I almost considered another 2 days of cleansing, because of how amazing I felt after the 3 days.

The saving grace! Bone broth soup.

The saving grace! Bone broth soup.

There were a few little things I noticed along the way:

  • I had to pee … A LOT.  I think I used the washroom on the hour.
  • I felt “lighter” if that makes sense.  Light on my feet. Nothing to do with my body weight.  More like… Not bogged down.
  • I never realised how inclined I am to pop food into my mouth.  Cooking dinner for my family, I had to slap my own hand a few times, because (out of HABIT?), I would almost test the temperature of the pasta or steal a slice of cucumber while transferring it from the cutting board to a plate.
  • That ‘clarity’ that I heard you get, I kept waiting for and it happened AFTER the third day for me.
  • My skin got really clear of blemishes.

So, after all that, what are my tips for a successful 3 day juice cleanse?

Plan ahead

Do some meal planning and get your grocery shopping out of the way for the 3 days.  I made the mistake of grocery shops a couple of times during the cleanse and I’m sure I resembled a very sad clown walking through the aisles.  (Oh, and, if at all possible, have a partner or family member cook for the rest of the family.  It’s hard to smell garlic butter sizzling in a pan, especially that first day!)

Drink LOTS of water

I didn’t do enough of this! Because you’re drinking all the juices and smoothies, it’s easy to forget to drink WATER in between.

Keep busy

I planned meetings and phone calls and made to-do lists to make sure I had as little time as possible to think about the fact that I wasn’t eating solids.

Use a straw

Nothing necessarily groundbreaking behind this suggestion.  I just found it to be more fun to drink with a straw.  And sometimes I needed the ‘fun’. 😛

Time accordingly

Don’t choose to do your juice cleanse the week you have 3 dinners out back-to-back, for example.  It might also be wise to not plan a juice cleanse the week you’re running a marathon.  (You know what I mean!)

And last but not least…

Mind. Over. Matter

You. Can. Do. It !!! You really can.  I did.  And I am so glad that I followed through with it!


GREAT NEWS!!! The North Shore Juice Co. wants North Shore Mama readers to enjoy the cleansing process just like I did!  Jasmine is offering all 1st time ‘cleansers’ $10.00 off a cleanse of your choice when you use the code ‘northshoremama‘ either online or when contacting North Shore Juice Co.  This is a great opportunity to try the cleanse and feel as great as I felt!


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  • Sarah kilmartin

    October 28, 2015 #1 Author

    Thanks for all the info!! Will definitely be looking at doing a juice cleanse after baby arrives!


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