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Top 3 Homework Do’s and Don’ts for Parents Top 3 Homework Do’s and Don’ts for Parents
We are always getting questions from parents of school-age children on the best ways to help kids with homework. Even if your child is... Top 3 Homework Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

We are always getting questions from parents of school-age children on the best ways to help kids with homework. Even if your child is attending a tutoring or learning centre, it’s always a great idea to reinforce what they’re learning in the home environment and show you are involved in the process.

One of the biggest mistakes I see is parents who try to ‘help’ their kids by doing their homework for them. It can be an easy trap to fall into in an effort to speed up the homework time, while helping kids get the right answers. But the goal is to let them figure it out for themselves so they become problem solvers in their own right and you’re setting them up for success later on!

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Now that you know what not to do, here are the top three tips on what you can do to make homework time fun and successful in your home:

Set-up a routine

There is a lot of research out there demonstrating the benefits of setting up a regular homework schedule.  I know, it can be tough to do given all the extra-curricular activities, play-dates, movie nights, etc.  But trust me…it works!  Being consistent in setting aside a regular time for your kids to complete their homework reinforces how much you value and prioritize their education.

Make it fun!

I know, I know…homework, fun?!  It sounds like an oxymoron, but it doesn’t have to be.  This can be as simple as making a fun work-space for them to do their homework in or helping them study for an exam by quizzing them in a game-show fashion.  Learning apps can also be a great tool to get your kids motivated to learn by using the technology they know and love. Come on in to Marine Drive Math & Science Centre  to chat with us for more ideas on how to engage your kids in fun ways to do homework!

Know when your kids need extra help

Failing to acknowledge the challenges your kids might be facing will not make the problem go away, as I’m sure we all know. Recognizing the opportunity to help them succeed and making an action plan will ensure their confidence is restored. Homework challenges are a conversation we would love to address with you to ensure you are doing everything you can to help your kids succeed.  If your kids aren’t already students of ours, this would be a great time to come in and see how we can help them excel with their school-work and feel more confident in school!

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Top 3 Homework Do's and Don'ts for Parents. #education #learning #teaching

Karen Hilton

Since 1997, Karen Hilton has owned and operated the Marine Drive Math & Science Centre located in Capilano Mall. In that time her centre has helped over 1500 students, from kindergarten to grade 12, improve their understanding, grades and confidence in mathematics, physics, chemistry and English.

  • Jennifer

    November 7, 2015 #1 Author

    My daughter is in grade 1 and has lots of homework already. She gets most done in the morning I find as after school she has no interest only on occasion she’ll do some. Id love to get her an old school school desk so she has a fun workspace to want to do ger homework on. Cause making homework fun is important!


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