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The challenges of working from home & how to overcome them
Working from home is a pipe-dream for many.  Those who work in an office setting often fantasize about what it would be like to roll out of bed, open their laptop and ‘be at work’. The reality is that working from home can actually prove to be challenging in... Read more
How I Recharge #EasyRoam (GIVEAWAY!)
A couple of years ago, I started an annual tradition of 5 days away in Palm Springs WITHOUT my children. I know how some parents feel about this: How could you possibly be away from your kids for that long?  I also know how other parents feel about this:... Read more
WE Day 2016 – What Happens When ME Becomes WE
Another WE Day has come and gone in Vancouver.  The experience of WE Day is one of my favourite annual traditions.  I’ve had the great opportunity of taking part for 3 years in a row now as a guest of TELUS and every year, I get more out of... Read more
iPhone 7 Tips & Tricks

iPhone 7 Tips & Tricks

News October 29, 2016 0

Hands up if you are anxiously awaiting your pre-ordered iPhone 7?  (Me! Me! ME!).  If you are in Canada, chances are you are still waiting! The new iPhone 7’s are massively coveted and on extreme backorder. Sigh. I have excellent news for you though! The new iPhone 7 is... Read more
Won’t you be my neighbour?

Won’t you be my neighbour?

News September 28, 2016 0

Welcome to the “Neighbourhood”.  It’s a magical place that provides you with answers and solutions to questions and concerns you thought you may never get through alone.  It’s a safe space where you are encouraged to ask anything.  It’s a place where teamwork is in full force and support... Read more
How technology can help us live a more sustainable life #TeamTELUS
Living a more sustainable life sometimes feels like a huge undertaking.  My thoughts automatically go in the direction of : ‘stop buying anything and everything’, while at the same time ‘don’t create waste’, and simultaneously ‘walk everywhere and eat vegan’.  Pretty much… just overhaul your whole life, Jessica. But that... Read more
There’s no ‘right time’… you just have to #TakeTheLeap! (Fitbit giveaway!)
The last few months have been… hard.  I’m not going to lie. I feel like there have been so many balls in the air constantly threatening to drop to the ground all at once.  For 2 months, I was hit with illness after illness (after illness) and I think... Read more
How TELUS is living up to their #ExpectMore promise
TELUS is obsessed with putting customers first.  It’s just their thing. It’s so much ‘their thing’ that they released this hilarious video, showing the frustrations we’ve all felt toward our Telco somewhere along the way.  I LOVE when a brand opens themselves up like this and shows complete transparency... Read more
Distracted Driving in BC- TELUS Thumbs up. Phones down.
It was last Thursday afternoon.  It had been a really long week of gradual entry for both Preschool and Kindergarten for the girls.  It had been a really long week of gradual entry for both preschool and Kindergarten for ME! The girls were running on empty and I was... Read more