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I was sad to hear a couple of months ago that North Vancouver wouldn’t be having their annual Canada Day parade.  I was happy to learn that there WILL be a parade this weekend as well as celebrations at Waterfront Park after the parade.   The Lions Gate Rotary Club & ... Read more
West Van Community Day 2013: A Fantastic Family Event
Every year for as long as I can remember, my family and I would walk down the street and find a spot to watch the West Vancouver Community Day parade from.  When we were in elementary school, we were usually IN the parade, which was always a highlight! Community... Read more
July Family Events & Activities on the North Shore
School’s out for the summer and July is just around the corner! There are so many great events going on on the North Shore (and neighbouring areas!). Get out there with your family and enjoy some of what our great communities have to offer and let’s hope for some... Read more
Upcoming Events & Activities for Kids- North Shore and Nearby
Spring has arrived in Vancouver! Just in time for summer!  It’s time to get outside and enjoy what our beautiful city has to offer, while creating exciting and meaningful experiences for our kidlets!   Here are some upcoming events for you and your family to enjoy: 1) May 25th... Read more