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Simplifying Meal Time For Your Family in 5 Easy Steps
Far too often, when I unpack my kids’ lunch bags after school, I find most of their lunch still in the bag. I ask why… “They needed us out of the classrooms, so we didn’t have time to eat better.”  Consistent answers from both boys.  Other moms relate a... Read more
Let SPUD deliver your basics straight to your door
One thing I have learned since becoming a parent is that every minute of the day is precious.  As a work-at-home mama, my schedule is mapped out and I have to make the most of every single moment if I’m going to get everything done and still have time... Read more
My new favourite breakfast: Vanilla Chia Pudding
I know, I know! Chia is SO good for me!!! To be honest, I just haven’t found a way of ‘consuming’ it that I have enjoyed enough to commit to those little super seeds.  They’re HIGH in fibre, antioxidants, protein and Omega 3’s, while being LOW in calories.  But... Read more
Green Earth Organics: organic produce delivered straight to your door (& WIN!)
As you all know, running a household is a lot of work! Whether you work or you’re at home with littles, the hours in the day often feel too few to get through the to-do list.  As often as I tell myself that I’m going to be more organized,... Read more
Healthy eating to help get the best workout results!
Diet And Exercise I don’t know how many times I’ve finished a great workout only to go home and ruin it’s effect with poor eating! As a personal trainer I should know better, but I am also a Chef by trade and love food! For some of us (like... Read more
The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s We Want It Campaign {+TWO ways of WINNING!}
Last week, the Heart and Stroke Foundation launched a brilliant campaign called “We Want It“.  They are encouraging B.C. residents to tell them which of their favourite restaurants they would like to see with a list nutritional information, such as fat, sodium, sugar and calories, on their menus.  When... Read more
Toddler (and husband) approved Enchiladas
Last night I made Enchiladas for the first time ever.  They were delicious and took just over 30 minutes to prepare! Try them out this weekend and I guarantee they’ll be a family favourite! The ‘filling’ for the tortillas. Ingredients: ~8 whole wheat tortillas ~ 3 COOKED chicken breasts... Read more
Spinach Pesto: Healthy & Super Easy
If you’re strapped for time one night this week, I highly recommend trying this yummy and very healthy pesto.  Just stir it into some steaming hot noodles (I like to put it over the tri-colour vegetable pasta) and you have an instant meal. My toddler LOVES it! Last time... Read more