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Run Free with the Bugaboo Runner
Living in Vancouver it’s hard to not live an active lifestyle. Not only are we home of the yoga pants but the surrounding scenery is absolutely breathtaking. With so many glorious trails around, everything from mountain hikes to oceanside strolls, it’s a must to have a stroller that can... Read more
Peppermint Patty Raw Chocolate Fudge
I just read Jessica’s recipe blog from May 2015 and the first words were “I am not a baker. At all.” And as a brand new guest blogger for North Shore Mama, the recipe I have to offer is a dessert recipe! But rest assured, Jess, this one does... Read more
Sole Girls – Empowerment Through Physical Activity by Ashley Wiles
Sole Girls on the North Shore! Sole Girls is empowering girls to become strong women and strong leaders and so creating stronger communities. Sole Girls is an empowerment and activity program based in North and West Vancouver that empowers girls ages 8-12 through physical activity. While many girls might... Read more
Top 5 Kid-Friendly Hiking Trails on the North Shore by Bianca Bujan
I am elated to have Bianca Bujan, Bits of Bee, sharing this post on North Shore Mama today.  Thank you so much for joining us, Bianca! Top 5 Kid-Friendly Hiking Trails on the North Shore After reading a recent article in the Vancouver Sun about a child plummeting down... Read more
Starting without slang: Teaching our kids the proper names for their bits
We have a special guest blogging for us today.  Marnie Goldenberg writes a fantastic blog called Sexplainer- Helping you raise sexually intelligent children. Welcome Marnie and thank you so much for this important information! Starting without slang: Teaching our kids the proper names for their bits by Marnie Goldenberg Because... Read more
You deserve a break, Mama! (Guest blogger: Multi-Purpose Moms)
I am very excited to welcome Jen McIntyre of Multi-Purpose Moms on North Shore Mama today. Jen is here to talk to all us mamas about finding that balance in life between being a parent and still being ourselves!.Thank you so much for sharing your insight with us, Jen!... Read more
Greenkick’s Top 7 Ways to Green your BBQ this summer
I’m very excited to share my space with Michele Partridge of Greenkick.  She writes a fantastic blog where you will find so much useful information about all things ‘green’! Welcome Michele! ******* Top 7 Ways to Green Your BBQ This Summer – Guest Blog from Ah, it’s summer... Read more