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“Something” is better than “Nothing”
The other day, I dropped Portia off at karate and had 40 minutes to either A) sit and ‘watch her’ (a.k.a aimlessly peruse Instagram on my phone) or B) run upstairs to the gym and squeeze in a really quick workout.  From the time I got on the treadmill... Read more
Training for your weight loss goals by Colin Stephenson (Fit For Life)
Training for your weight loss goals Training for weight loss can be an exhausting endeavour. There are so many variables outside of your “gym time” that come into play; nutrition, proper sleeping habits, and genetic make up are just a few of the more common ones. This weeks’ post... Read more
Fall Training by Colin Stephenson (Fit For Life)
Fall Training Many people seem to think that Summer is the time to get fit, when in fact  next summer’s body starts now! Even if you already feel like you’re in great shape, a month or two of exercise is going to have a  positive impact on your body. ... Read more