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A guide to preventing the ‘summer slide’ & giveaways!
Slides are fun, why would parents prevent them?  Not THOSE kinds of slides, you guys! Cheeky monkeys! THE Summer Slide is a term used to describe what happens to kids when school is out for two months over the summer months.  Statistically, reading levels go down because children aren’t... Read more
When the kids hit the sack, the parents will… SNACK! #SmartStash (+ giveaway)
A story my mom loves to tell about my childhood goes like this… One night, when my parents thought I was sleeping soundly, my mom grabbed her nightly treat out of the freezer and settled down on the couch with a bowl of ice cream.  A few bites in, 4 year old me... Read more
Our first Jamberry Nails experience (+ Jamberry GIVEAWAY!)
I kept hearing about Jamberry and, on many occasions, I have noticed women with really interesting nail designs.  Nine times out of ten, when I asked where they got their cool nails done, the answer was “these are Jamberry nails”.  (One time out of ten, the answer would be... Read more
Peppermint Patty Raw Chocolate Fudge
I just read Jessica’s recipe blog from May 2015 and the first words were “I am not a baker. At all.” And as a brand new guest blogger for North Shore Mama, the recipe I have to offer is a dessert recipe! But rest assured, Jess, this one does... Read more
Boosting energy the healthy way with Usana (+ WIN!)
A couple of weeks ago, I had an Usana gift basket dropped off by a chica I had been in touch with named Danielle.  Danielle owns her own Usana business and we spent some time discussing some products that I could try out to increase my energy levels. I’d... Read more
Getting Pampered at West Vancouver\’s The Coliseum MediSpa (& WIN!)
A few weeks ago, I was invited to spend a morning indulging in some much needed “me time” at West Vancouver’s The Coliseum MediSpa.  Admittedly, something I am really bad at taking care of is my skin.  I have always envied women with fresh, blemish-free, glowing skin and, yet,... Read more
Disney on Ice presents ‘Let’s Party!’ (WIN tickets!)
One of our favourite events that we’ve ever experienced with Portia was last years’ Disney on Ice production.  She was pretty young and she was up way past her bedtime, but was wide-eyed and smiling throughout the entire performance!  It reminded me of how taken I was when I... Read more
ABC’s of Deep Cleaning presented by OxiClean Laundry (& WIN)
While everyone else has already been back to school for a few weeks now, in BC we are (hopefully) back to the fall routine of school and extra-curricular activities starting next week!  With extra-curricular seems to come extra LAUNDRY! Here’s a great tip sheet from OxiClean for parents to... Read more
Dr. Skinner’s favourite dental products for Mamas! (& WIN)
Choosing the right dental products can be overwhelming. I have some favourites, and I thought I’d share them with you. Favourite floss Honestly, ANY floss is my favourite! So many of my patients have difficulty making flossing a daily habit. So, if you have a floss that you like,... Read more
Summer blast $1000 CASH giveaway!
  Summer Blast $1000 Cash Giveaway Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 11:59PM to Monday, September 15, 2014 at 11:59PM Open Worldwide Prize: One winner will receive $1000 USD payable via PayPal Eligibility and Rules: This giveaway runs from Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 11:59PM to Monday, September 15 at... Read more