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There’s no ‘right time’… you just have to #TakeTheLeap! (Fitbit giveaway!)
The last few months have been… hard.  I’m not going to lie. I feel like there have been so many balls in the air constantly threatening to drop to the ground all at once.  For 2 months, I was hit with illness after illness (after illness) and I think... Read more
Love Child Organics Now In Superstore & Loblaws Baby Aisles!
Great news for Canadian parents!! The beloved Love Child Organics line is now available in the baby aisles of Superstore and Loblaws across the country! If you don’t already know and love Love Child Organics, allow me to introduce this amazing business. Love Child Organics is an organic children’s... Read more
Get ready to Flipp out- Here’s how to pay less for Cauliflower (+WIN!)
We are all acutely aware of how expensive cauliflower is right now. It has also been brought to all our attention that ‘cauliflower is the new kale’.  This super food is all the rage right now and many people are giving up on it because of how much it costs... Read more
Stella & Dot Winter Sale/ Trunk Show + Giveaway!
If you like pretty jewelry and sales, you are in the right place! There is SO much goodness in this post. I recently teamed up with Michele Saum, a Vancouver Stella & Dot Stylist to make all our lives a bit shinier!  Our original plan was to get a group of... Read more
Holiday Gift Guide for Baby! (+ HUGE giveaway)
Welcome to the 2015 North Shore Mama Holiday Gift Guide series.  This is a 3 part series that started with a compilation of really cool gifts ‘for that amazing woman in your life‘ and then, more recently, PART 2 was ‘for the creative cool kid in your life’(check it... Read more
Gifts for that fabulous woman in your life {HUGE GIVEAWAY}
Welcome to the 2015 North Shore Mama Holiday Gift Guide series.  This is a 3 part series starting with a compilation of really cool gifts ‘for the ladies’.  If you are looking for great ideas on what to give that incredible woman in your life, you have come to... Read more
The solution to ‘nut-free’ snacks at school
My children love ‘bars’.  That’s what they call anything that’s rectangular and in a crinkly wrapper and they live for them.  All summer I carried ‘bars’ in my purse, beach bag and pockets because they are such an easy snack. Now that school has started up again and Portia and... Read more
Camping ‘in’ with Discovery Toys (GIVEAWAY!)
I’ve had the great pleasure of reconnecting with Leah Avery of Discovery Toys to bring another fun giveaway your way! Portia and I played with some Discovery Toys products about a year ago and fell in love with the brand.  Everything they have to offer is both fun and... Read more
Glitzi Globe review + giveaway!
A couple of weeks ago, I did a massive purge of our playroom.  We gave away 1 huge black garbage bag worth of toys and threw away another half bag worth of ‘stuff’.  I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of ‘things’ we have accumulated over the years and... Read more
Our new favourite all-natural sunscreen for kids!
It’s one of those things that boggles my mind when I discover an amazing new product and I had never heard of the brand before.  And that’s why I have no idea how I had never heard of Arbonne!  In case you haven’t either, you’re in for a real treat!... Read more