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The Art House Supper Club in North Vancouver
The other night, I had such a great experience at an underground restaurant on the North Shore.  The Art House supper club is new on the foodie scene and it is exactly what the foodie scene needed! The Art House is in a secret location in North Vancouver (that... Read more
5 Step Macaroni & Cheese

5 Step Macaroni & Cheese

Recipes December 13, 2015 14

I am 100% guilty of ‘cooking up’ a quick box of Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese for the girls at least once a week.  I always add some veggies to the mix, but still… it’s a processed dinner and I feel guilty sometimes.  I also try and not be too... Read more
Dinner Inspiration: Cheesy Spinach Bowtie Pasta
These days, my world revolves around easy weeknight dinner ideas.  Finding that balance between working full-time and being a mama is not coming as easily to me as I hoped it might when I returned to work in September.  I find myself scrambling on the best of days, no... Read more
In case you are looking for some meal-time inspiration, I thought I’d share a very yummy recipe that we are having for dinner tonight. I found this recipe on All Recipes right here. I made some changes, as I usually do when following a recipe. I left out the bread... Read more