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I’m a Blogger. What exactly do I DO?
I have been a blogger for over 4 and a half years now and it has been quite the ride. started as nothing more than a calendar that parents on the North Shore could access to see what they could do with their kids on any given day.  A... Read more
Family Travel: Getting the most out of Whistler Blackcomb with Kids & Amex Canada
Our family was presented with a very special opportunity to experience a weekend away in Whistler, in partnership with Amex Canada, the official card of Whistler Blackcomb.  We just got home last night and I am still digesting the excitement and adventure from two days in the fresh mountain air.... Read more
I am as much a ‘Blogger’ as I am a ‘Bloggee’
I guess I’m a “Blogger”?  Is the requirement that you have a blog and you post to it? If there are more requirements, I might fall out of the category and lose my title.  So, here’s hoping 😉 As much as I consider myself a Blogger, I think I... Read more