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Summer pre-hab and injury prevention for kids Summer pre-hab and injury prevention for kids
Written by: Maegan Mak, BSc, BKin, MPT Physiotherapist at Kids Physio Group (NVan and Vancouver locations) These days kids are so active and busy... Summer pre-hab and injury prevention for kids

Written by: Maegan Mak, BSc, BKin, MPT Physiotherapist at Kids Physio Group (NVan and Vancouver locations)

Kids Physio Injury prevention for kids

These days kids are so active and busy throughout the school year, participating in a wide variety of sports and other extracurricular activities. Summer break is when most kids have some time off from sporting commitments and can focus on recovering from injuries AND preventing new ones! Here are some ideas of how attending physiotherapy in the summer can benefit your child:

Preventing injuries in the fall when activities are back in full force.

  1. As kids grow muscles need to lengthen as well. If muscle length is not addressed it could lead to muscle strains, especially with lots of activity and training.
  2. Summer is a great time to work on muscle imbalances. This ensures that your child will be moving optimally and prevent injuries that result from poor mechanics, alignment and muscle strains due to lack of strength.
  3. Physiotherapy can treat minor issues so they do not progress into more serious problems. Catching little aches and pains in the summer gives your child an opportunity to rehab over the summer months and limit the amount of time missed from their sport during the regular season.

Physiotherapy can help your child become more body aware and learn their body’s limits.

  1. When kids grow their body awareness often lags behind, as they need to re-learn their “body dimensions.” Improving body awareness will help your child excel in all their activities.
  2. Becoming more body aware and learning how their body moves can improve coordination and their movement efficiency.
  3. Everyone’s body is different and moves in different ways. It is important for kids to become familiar with how their body functions to prevent injuries, master certain skills and boost their confidence!

Kids physio pre-hab
A great example!

I am currently seeing a young dancer who will be dancing 12 hours per week starting in September. Her mother wanted her to learn more about how her body moves and its’ limitations. Her mother noticed how hard she is pushed at dance and did not want her daughter to get injured. My client was also complaining of slight heel pain during the initial assessment. I determined that the heel pain was most likely an early start of Sever’s Disease. After one week of treatment and home exercises the heel pain had resolved. If the heel pain had been left unattended, it would have worsened and she most likely would have had to take time off of dance in the fall to recover. Over the summer we will also working on proper form for various stretches that she commonly performs at dance class, core strength and leg strength. This mom was proactive and helped fix an early issue before it became a problem! Her daughter is also learning how to stretch and strengthen her body safely, to help her excel in dance this September.

About Maegan Mak

  Maegan Mac Kids Physio Maegan graduated from the UBC Masters of Physical Therapy program in 2014 and also holds two Bachelor degrees – one in Geography and another in Kinesiology. She has completed two of her clinical placements in the field of paediatrics and in January 2014, travelled to South India under the mentorship of Andrea Mendoza. More recently, Maegan gained even more hands-on experience treating children at a child development centre in Northern BC. By working in rural areas with limited resources, Maegan  has learned how to create fun and effective treatment plans despite any language, socioeconomic or financial barriers.

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