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Staying Active With Via Velo Staying Active With Via Velo
I am notorious for being ‘fair weather’ EVERYTHING.  I’d love to be a runner, but “oh shoot, it’s raining”.  I’d love to be a... Staying Active With Via Velo

I am notorious for being ‘fair weather’ EVERYTHING.  I’d love to be a runner, but “oh shoot, it’s raining”.  I’d love to be a more serious skiier, but “man, it’s cold today”.  That is kind of the story of my life.  I’m not proud of it, it’s just the way I am.

Living in Vancouver (a.k.a Raincouver), I find myself dropping out of all sorts of outdoor activity because of my dislike for the rain.  This causes an issue for a couple of reason, most notably 1) we all know how important fresh air is for us and 2) I have 2 young kids who I should really be getting outside with every single day, despite the weather.

Though it goes against every grain in my body, my goal this winter is to get myself some ‘proper’ rain gear and to get myself and my girls OUTSIDE despite the nasty rain.


The Maverick trailer

Via Velo is helping me to achieve this goal! That awesome bike trailer that you see above is how I plan on getting the kids outside (without the muss and fuss of dealing with two littles on their own wet bikes as well) and staying fit myself as well. Don’t get me wrong… I know it’s equally important for the kids to be getting their own exercise, but my girls get PLENTY.  It’s really not a concern for me as they literally move constantly.


The Via Velo trailer was super easy to put together and can ordered to show up directly to your door (click here to see the product details). Oh- and it’s currently ON SALE HERE!

The Maverick trailer comfortably fits my 2 daughters, ages 6 and (almost 4).  The maximum weight is 100 lb. which means I’ll likely be able to get a full year in with both the kids still in there!

The Via Velo Maverick comes with adjustable seats that can be adjusted for siblings or growing toddlers. It also has a storage compartment in the back for supplies. It’s the ideal to for getting you and your family outdoors together!



  • All Weather/Bug Cover
  • Aluminum Alloy Construction to be Lightweight and Durable
  • Bright and Reflective Color
  • Easy to Assemble Frame
  • Orange Safety Flag
  • Quick Release Push Button Wheels
  • Rear Brakes
  • Rear Storage
  • Retractable Sunshade

I look forward to some weekend adventures with my girls in our new Via Velo!

About Via Velo

In the bustling busy streets of Shanghai, our creator needed to find a way to spend time with his family between a hectic work schedule and his love of cycling. With over 25 years of experience in the cycling community of Shanghai he got to work building Via Velo.

We have moved from Shanghai to Canada to keep up with the expansion of the industry and to be able to get on the road more. In Canada and the US our trailers have been sold for nearly two years by some of the largest retail businesses and have a well founded customer base from these locations. Now we want to expand further so that we can spread the cycling joy with all families!

Our passion and our drive is to get on the road with our families and we want to share that with you! We have bicycle trailers that can be converted to strollers so that your newborn can get outside with you. As your children grow, the stroller grows with them and can be transformed into a bike trailer to get you and your family riding. This was the product we wanted for our families and now you can have it too.

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