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Run Free with the Bugaboo Runner Run Free with the Bugaboo Runner
Living in Vancouver it’s hard to not live an active lifestyle. Not only are we home of the yoga pants but the surrounding scenery... Run Free with the Bugaboo Runner

Living in Vancouver it’s hard to not live an active lifestyle. Not only are we home of the yoga pants but the surrounding scenery is absolutely breathtaking. With so many glorious trails around, everything from mountain hikes to oceanside strolls, it’s a must to have a stroller that can handle all types of terrain. This being said we have had the pleasure of testing out the Bugaboo Runner for the past few weeks, and it’s definitely fit for an active Vancouver lifestyle.

Bugaboo knows that just like lifestyles, homes come in all shapes and sizes, no two are the same. With city living becoming more common and smaller, there isn’t a lot of room for young families to have more than one stroller. More often than not, people are having to choose between having an everyday stroller and a jogging stroller, forcing them to give up their once very active lifestyle. And this is one thing I really love about the Bugaboo Runner- it is meant to be an accessory to an already existing stroller. While you can most certainly purchase the stroller as a whole, you also have the option of just purchasing the frame and using your existing Bugaboo seat. For someone like myself, who lives in a townhouse, this is a huge win. I can easily hang the frame up in our garage when not in use and not comprise any storage space. Because it is so compact when folded I am also able to easily fit it into the back of my vehicle. I drive a mid-sized SUV and even with the runner in the back I still have plenty of room for other items like the never-ending groceries.

Bugaboo Runner North Shore Mama

Once loaded into the back of the car, it was off to the park with the kids. We love to explore local parks and trails, but with all the rain we get sometimes it’s just not possible. My everyday stroller doesn’t handle trails well and baby wearing isn’t an option in the rain. Thanks to the Bugaboo Runner, we were able to get out and explore several trails without issues and my youngest stayed nice and dry the whole time. With the sunshade extended fully and the rain cover on top there was no worries of any rain getting in. I was beyond impressed with the extended sunshade on the few sunny days we had as well, as he was fully protected from the sun all the way down to his toes!

Of course we all know when out and about with children you need to bring the whole house with you. The under basket of the Runner was more than large enough to hold my diaper bag. We even had enough room to place our jackets below on days when we were out without the rain. The under basket also has elastic straps for those days when you are just going out for a run and only need to bring a water bottle and a small bag with you, to ensure they stay in place.

Bugaboo Runner North Shore Mama

Bugaboo Runner North Shore Mama

Performance wise the Runner was a dream to operate. Easy to open and easy to collapse, it only took a moment or two for me to set it up and take it down, ensuring I didn’t get soaked while doing so. Once we hit the trails it was smooth sailing from there. The Runner was easy to maneuver as we tackled the trails. We went up and down hills and around corners without any troubles. A few times we approached hills that were a little steeper than expected and thanks to the wrist strap and handle bar brake I was able to ensure there would be no runaway strollers in our future. Even while on gravel and bumpy dirt paths the ride was beyond smooth and my little guy actually fell asleep a few times. With two kids in tow we didn’t get up to much running, but here and there I was able to sneak in a light jog while trying to catch up to my toddler. With a slight push down on the handle bar I was able to turn the front wheel and able to navigate corners with ease. The stationary front wheel definitely took a few moments for me to get used to but once I did it was go, go, go.

Bugaboo Runner North Shore Mama

Now that we’ve had our fun testing and playing with the Bugaboo Runner, I am sad to be sending it back. We have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity North Shore Mama gave us testing it out. It most definitely made getting out  and being active with two kids a lot more enjoyable and easy. With plenty of stroller time still ahead for this family, we might just have a trip to the store to pick one up in our future.

Andria Milliard

Andria Milliard is the founder and sole contributor behind the family and lifestyle blog, The Cheerio Diaries. She is happily married to her best friend, a mom of two mini humans and two fur babies. Currently on maternity leave with her second child, her days are filled with baby cuddles and a two years old's chaotic view on life. Evenings are spent riding the caffeine express while sharing her family's sweet (and not so sweet) adventures along the way.

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