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iPhone 7 Tips & Tricks iPhone 7 Tips & Tricks
Hands up if you are anxiously awaiting your pre-ordered iPhone 7?  (Me! Me! ME!).  If you are in Canada, chances are you are still... iPhone 7 Tips & Tricks

Hands up if you are anxiously awaiting your pre-ordered iPhone 7?  (Me! Me! ME!).  If you are in Canada, chances are you are still waiting! The new iPhone 7’s are massively coveted and on extreme backorder. Sigh.

I have excellent news for you though! The new iPhone 7 is definitely worth all your patient waiting.  How do I know this?  I had the chance to get my paws on one a couple of weeks ago at the TELUS store.  I had a one-on-one learning session booked where I got to preview the iPhone 7 and get the opportunity to share what I learned with YOU.  Fun, right?


We all know iPhones are sexy, but it’s nice to know that they’ve got amazing features.  Some of the great things setting the iPhone 7 and 7+ apart from previous iPhone models is:

*longest battery life ever in an iPhone
*3x faster LTE than iPhone 6
*new speaker system that is 2x louder than iPhone 6
*FaceTime in HD
*3D Touch

Those are just a few of the great new features! Some of the things that impressed me greatly, I captured in the 2 quick videos below!



(Yes, I am a Snapchat + IG stories addict 😛 ).

I learned so much in my session with Chantal.  Things I had NO idea about.  I consider myself to be ‘techy-enough’ as I feel I am confident navigating my phone in ways I need to, so I never really thought that I would be someone who would benefit from the face-to-face sessions that TELUS offers their customers.  I was so wrong.  I’m pretty sure I was shocked by almost everything Chantal told me and responded with “I did NOT know that!”.

I highly recommend booking a session (did I mention they are complimentary?) and learning the ins and outs of your device.  It can be a session as basic as setting up your email accounts on your phone or you can go more in depth.  Whatever you hope to get out of the session, you most certainly will!

One last little tip that I thought was such a great one for when you do finally get your hands on your iPhone 7….

iPhone 7 tips & tricks north shore mama

You can search ‘iPhone 7’ in the app store and top picks specific to the new model will come up!  Mind.  Blown.  Haha.

Enjoy your new iPhone 7 and be sure to share any tips you may have in the comments below!


Disclaimer: I am part of the #TeamTELUS blogger advocacy program and I receive special perks as a thank you for sharing TELUS news and other exciting information.

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