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Going into #HolidayMode with some REAL face-time! Going into #HolidayMode with some REAL face-time!
As you can maybe tell from my Instagram and Facebook posts, this time of year is my absolute favourite time of year.  Don’t get... Going into #HolidayMode with some REAL face-time!

As you can maybe tell from my Instagram and Facebook posts, this time of year is my absolute favourite time of year.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a major sunshine baby and love summers (or sunny vacation spots), but there’s something about Christmas time that just makes me feel… happy!

The pretty lights, decorations, family time and visits with friends… all of it fills my heart to the brim.  Strangers seem to be extra friendly, kidlets are on their best behaviour (because, nobody wants to be on that ‘naughty list’), and ovens are in overdrive pumping out holiday cookies.  Really, what’s NOT to love about this time of year.

This past year has both flown by and felt like a really long year somehow at the same time. I feel like I maybe say that every year.  When I look at my girls (4 and almost 2 years old) and really stop to think of how quickly they’re growing up… the year feels like it happened in a month.  When I think of all that we’ve done over the past year though… It sometimes feels like we’ve lived 3 years in one!  I often want feel time is going much too quickly and wish we could STOP THE CLOCK!

As someone who is admittedly on her phone constantly, I find that the only way to feel a sense of ‘slowed time’ is when I put my phone down and allow myself to really BE in the moment.  (Take this fun quiz to find out how badly you need to unplug!)

Thanks to Telus, 3 friends and I got to kick off the holiday season in Holiday Mode.  We accepted a challenge to go out for dinner and enjoy each others’ company without reaching for our phones the entire dinner!  We got all dressed up and headed to Hawksworth for an unbelievably delicious dinner (and equally incredible drinks)!

Holiday Mode with Telus

My fantastic girls: (left to right) Jen, Moi, Kristina and Kristen.

I have to admit that I thought this challenge would be much easier to complete than it was when it came down to it.  Not because I wanted to use my phone to connect with people other than the lovely friends there with me at dinner, but because every time we told a story or talked about our businesses, there was temptation to show a picture or read aloud a message on our phones.  We gave Jen a mid-dinner hall pass, because she has a newborn at home and we thought it would be fair that she check in quickly with daddy to see how baby was doing.  Other than that though… our phone got stacked in the middle of the table and they did not get touched for over 2 hours.

holiday mode at hawksworth

It was such a fun night and we loved the opportunity to all be together and enjoying each others’ company at such a busy time of year!  It was also a great way to ease into Holiday Mode, which I plan on continuing as we roll into Christmas.  We will have 3 nights in a row of family dinners and there’s no better time than to put down the devices and be fully present with the ones we love.

A huge thank you to Telus for the important reminder that face time is priceless.

Are you up for the Holiday Mode challenge?  Who wants to join me? :) 


Jessica Blumel

Nice to meet you! I'm Jessica a.k.a North Shore Mama. This site was born out of my love for my daughters and the desire to share my motherhood journey with fellow moms. I believe we're all in this craziness called 'parenthood' together and North Shore Mama is my way of reaching out to anyone who needs a laugh, a cry or dinner inspiration. Thank you so much for reading!

  • Jen

    December 24, 2014 #1 Author

    It was such a lovely evening, Jess! Thank you for inviting me. A much needed night out for this new mama! Xox


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