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A Frozen 4th birthday A Frozen 4th birthday
Last weekend we celebrated Portia’s 4th birthday.  We invited family and friends to come celebrate at our house, Frozen-style.  If you have young children,... A Frozen 4th birthday

Last weekend we celebrated Portia’s 4th birthday.  We invited family and friends to come celebrate at our house, Frozen-style.  If you have young children, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to relate to what we’re going through these days… “Let it Go” on repeat, dress-up into Elsa dresses only and questions about when it will be winter in Vancouver :)

We had the great fortune of having Angela Hubbard, of Angela Hubbard Photography, spend the afternoon with us, capturing our special celebration.  If you don’t yet know Angela’s work, you’ll get a good taste of it in the post.  I’m envious of her talent and photography skills and we are so thankful that she was there to work her magic behind the lens.

First, a few of the details we put into the party to keep with the Frozen theme…

hubbardphotography0001 (1)

As snacks for the kiddies and adults alike, we had Olaf noses and melted snow (a.k.a ranch dip), sandwiches, true love’s kisses and then the cake and cupcakes which you’ll see next.


Can we talk about this incredible cake for a minute?  And the cupcakes? I sent my aunt and cousin some Pinterest inspiration and I had no idea they’d create something this beautiful! Thank you so much Tante Rosi and Uncle Michi!  Portia loved her cake and cupcakes SO MUCH as did her mommy and daddy and all the guests that enjoyed your works of art!


I also need to take a moment to point out the absolutely beautiful paper fan display that my good friend (and event stylist extraordinaire) Kristina, of The Swank Social, created for us as a backdrop for the party.  Just look at the detail!  So pretty and so perfect for our event.  Follow Kristina on Instagram for daily doses of gorgeousness.

We had a big surprise lined up for Portia that was even more fabulous than I could have imagined.  We had THE REAL Queen Elsa coming to Portia’s party and Elsa was definitely a highlight of the event! We arranged for Elsa to ring the doorbell and have Portia be the one to answer the door.  Here’s the surprise unfolding frame by frame,  from the initial shock to the realization of what was happening…

hubbardphotography0053 hubbardphotography0055


Do you think Portia might be just a little bit thrilled?

While we won’t share this with Portia, I’ll let YOU all in on a little secret.  Elsa was actually a lovely girl named Claire who expertly plays the roles of all sorts of princesses and queens.  Claire started her own company called Crowned and has been making little children over-the-moon happy since she launched her business.


Elsa sang “Let It Go” with the kids…


Elsa read the kids a story…. FROZEN, of course!


Elsa painted all the kids’ faces…


Elsa even took the time to take pictures with each of the kids and sign autographs for them.


To top it all off, Elsa led the “Happy Birthday” song before the kidlets all ran off with cupcakes.  It’s safe to say, Portia’s mind was blown and her day was made!

Thank goodness Angela was with us to snap all these amazing shots for us.  It was such a chaotic day with around 50 people in our little home and there’s no way I would have been able to capture all the excitement.  Plus, I love to take pictures, but let’s be honest… they would not have been of this calibre.

Here are some more of my favourite photos from the party, compliments of Angela.


My mom and I… Mom and Tante Rosi, thank you both SO much for all the help before, during and after the party! I could not have done it without you!


sally and ryan

This photo from an iPhone :)

As our guests started packing up and heading off, we were able to gift each of the kids with these fun little (sugar-free) goodie bags put together for us by Bree at BC Playthings, our go-to kiddie gift store on the North Shore.

I really wanted to stick with the theme of Frozen, but hoped to find a goodie bad option that was not an edible treat, as we already had lots of treats during the party.  Look at this perfection that Bree created for us…

bc playthings 2
Bc playthings 1

I had friends sending me texts and emails for days after the party with pictures of their little ones building their Olaf’s.  It filled my heart knowing our goodie bags were fun for our little friends!

It literally took us a week to recover from the craziness of the party.  Our house is finally back in order and I’m so excited to finally be sharing this post with friends, families and all my lovely readers!

In case you have your own special event coming up, here is all the info from those who helped make our day as special as it was:

Photographer || Angela Hubbard Photography
Facebook     Twitter     Instagram     Blog

Queen Elsa|| Crowned Princess Entertainment
Facebook     Instagram     Blog

Olaf goodie bags || BC Playthings
Facebook     Twitter     Instagram

Paper fan display || The Swank Social
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Cake and cupcakes by my cousin and Aunt… for solely the love of baking and creating :)


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  • Kristina

    October 14, 2014 #1 Author

    Such a lovely party! Thank you so much for having us there and for the mention :) It was my absolute pleasure to be a part of Portia’s party! XO


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