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Our Christmas tradition of giving
Christmas is a very happy time of year for me.  I have had nothing but wonderful memories of the holiday season year after year.  My family had many traditions, growing up, but one of them I consider to be the most important. Every year, just before Christmas, my parents... Read more
Let’s choose our battles, or we could not battle at all!
I need to know! Does anyone else feel this way? I feel like everyone just wants to be mad these days…about anything and everything. Miley Cyrus.  Rob Ford.  GoldieBlox? It seems so silly to me.  Imagine if everyone put all that energy into something worthwhile, like pursuing a passion,... Read more
The Where and When of HypnoBirthing
Having covered the What and the Why of HypnoBirthing in previous posts, I thought it seemed logical to continue my posts with the Where and the When. Where can you use HypnoBirthing? The answer to that is simple. Anywhere, everywhere and any time.  Hospital Birth, Home Birth, Water Birth,... Read more
Is your child nearsighted? You can help!
Myopia (or near-sightedness) is a very common visual condition where things far away are out of focus and difficult to see. In the early 1970s, only 25% of the population was myopic, but now it is estimated to be over 40%. Not only are the overall numbers on the... Read more
There’s a first time for everything…  #FirstCheerios
Life is a series of “firsts”.  In the first few years of our babies’ lives, it seems those milestone moments happen fast and furious… and often! I have to admit, that I haven’t been as diligent at recording these exciting first moments for Madeleine (baby #2) as I was... Read more
Philips LED Daylight bulbs (Giveaway)
You know that tired and twitchy feeling you get when you’ve been in a room/office/building that is poorly lit?  I’ve literally seen little white balls of light long after leaving some of these poorly-lit places.  Not only is it frustrating, it’s also really not great for your eyes! As... Read more
Today has been ‘one of those days’. Madeleine has her first cold at 7 months old and has no idea why she can’t breathe.  Poor thing. Portia, so close to 3 years old (with no visible signs of leaving behind the “Terrible Two’s” stage- please send help!) decided that... Read more