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Photo Fridays: A Weekly Rewind
I’m starting a new weekly feature where I will be posting each week’s worth of our family memories on my blog.  I shall call it: Photo Fridays. I was inspired by a mommy blogger friend of mine who recently started a weekly Instagram challenge for moms called “Through Mamas... Read more
I’m BA-AAACK! Somehow, I inadvertently took a 2 week break from writing and posting, but I’m back and ready to roll! I feel sunned, rested, revived and eager to resume my ‘duties’ as North Shore Mama! I hope you have been enjoying the weather and great family activities/events over... Read more
Kerrisdale Play Palace
School’s out for the SUMMER!  That means that even the programs for wee ones, such as StrongStart and some regular play gyms etc. are also no longer available to us. I am always searching for things to do with Portia, especially in that morning chunk of time between wake-up... Read more
I Like Rainbows! I like Bread!
Rainbows…? Bread…? How on earth could they be related? I popped in very quickly to The Bakehouse in Edgemont Village today.  I was on my way to work and found myself suddenly craving one of their delectable veggie sandwiches on their amazing in-house baked multigrain bread.  As I was paying for... Read more
I am as much a ‘Blogger’ as I am a ‘Bloggee’
I guess I’m a “Blogger”?  Is the requirement that you have a blog and you post to it? If there are more requirements, I might fall out of the category and lose my title.  So, here’s hoping 😉 As much as I consider myself a Blogger, I think I... Read more
Sensory Bins
I have to admit that I only just discovered the world of sensory bins a few weeks ago when I was aimlessly perusing Pinterest. Since then, “sensory bins” seem to be everywhere: in everyday conversation with friends, on my favourite mommy blogs, and now in both our own living... Read more
940 Saturdays… & this is one of them!
Portia was up at 6 am this morning.  All I can think of right now, while baby is napping, is whether I should take a nap or clean the house, or go through my pile of neglected papers, or or or.  Nap! No, clean! No, nap.  I’ll write a... Read more
Coffee Dates and a Happy Toddler in North Vancouver
There was a time where I would meet friends for coffee and we would just sit and talk.  To each other.  Like, a real adult conversation. When Portia was a newborn (and up until she could crawl) those coffee dates were still a possibility, but when the kidlets discover... Read more
Inside Day ~ Milk & Cookies
Oh Vancouver.  How I love you, but how I do not love that it is mid-May and pouring rain.  Rainy days are the days that are the ultimate parental test.  You ain’t seen nuttin’ until you have been indoors for an entire day with an energetic toddler.  So the... Read more
iPad apps for toddlers
I realise that this post is not exclusive to the North Shore, but I also feel I am doing my due diligence when I can pass on useful information (or it is for me at least!) to other parents with toddlers.  Last year, my husband bought himself an iPad... Read more