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Fresh out of the dishwasher, are your dishes clean? #FinishTheDishes
I have a confession to make.  Since moving into our house over 4 years ago, I have never washed out… … the inside of our dishwasher! ACK! I KNOW! That’s gross right? What’s even worse is that I have no idea when (OR IF!?!) the people who lived here... Read more
Friday Favourites: Diner en Blanc
I feel so lucky to be attending Diner en Blanc this year in Vancouver.  Aside from the many important details such as table & chair rentals and deciding what food we should bring in our picnic basket, my first thought was, “WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?”. So, I began my... Read more
Are you on the fence? Let The Audience guide you!
We have all been down the ‘big decision’ road.  We all know those sleepless nights where the pro’s and con’s list dances through our head leaving us overwhelmed and exhausted.  These decisions pop up often in our lives and we keep our fingers crossed that what we decide in... Read more
It’s in the bag… the ‘hospital bag’ that is!
Before we brought our little Portia into this world, I was guilty of many google searches involving everything from heartburn to breastfeeding.  Somewhere amidst those searches was: what to pack in the hospital bag. This seems to be a very popular query as by the time you type in... Read more
5 things you may not know about me!
Over the past year, I have had the great opportunity to connect with many of‘s 2012 Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers. We have formed friendships through our writing, a facebook page we created (and post to constantly throughout the day), and by planning playdates and dinners out together.... Read more
Watch, Share & WIN a trip to L.A.!
Monday nights, CityTV is airing a new Canadian TV show called The Seed. The show is a modern version of  “FRIENDS” crossed with the currently popular “Modern Family”.  With FRIENDS and Modern Family being two of my favourite shows, I am looking forward to tuning in to see what... Read more
5 tips for making the transition from crib to toddler bed!
With baby girl #2 arriving in just 10 days now, my husband and I are trying to sort through the list of to-do’s and we are trying to prepare ourselves as best possible for life with TWO! Portia is nearly 26 months old now and there are so many... Read more
The Mother I Strive To Be: A letter to myself
Our fabulous group of’s Top 30 Mom Bloggers had so much fun with our Christmas Traditions blog train that we decided to choose a new topic and do another one.  This time around, our theme is: The Mother I Strive To Be. When I finally sat down to write... Read more
baby #2, but a maternity shoot first: Photography by Erica O
If you have been following my blog, you might remember that a little while back, I worked with Erica O on a giveaway of some of her super cute children’s accessories. Erica and I have teamed up again, this time tapping into her other talent: photography! Just over a... Read more
3 dinners-in-bags & a meal plan for the next 5 days
Lately, I have found that there has been more conversation than usual amongst friends and on the www about meal planning, crock pot recipes, and healthy eating! Personally, I have been starting to think of what life with 2 kidlets will be like, seeing as we are now just... Read more