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Spinach Pesto: Healthy & Super Easy
If you’re strapped for time one night this week, I highly recommend trying this yummy and very healthy pesto.  Just stir it into some steaming hot noodles (I like to put it over the tri-colour vegetable pasta) and you have an instant meal. My toddler LOVES it! Last time... Read more
In case you are looking for some meal-time inspiration, I thought I’d share a very yummy recipe that we are having for dinner tonight. I found this recipe on All Recipes right here. I made some changes, as I usually do when following a recipe. I left out the bread... Read more
Rainy Days & Chicken Noodle Soup
One of my fondest memories as a child/teenager was coming home after a long day of school and extra-curricular activities to the smell of my mom’s homemade chicken and dumpling soup.  The aroma of the soup sitting hot in its pot used to instantly bring me to a place... Read more