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Emotional intelligence education made simple, cool, and fun with The Bubble Bomps (+ WIN!)
I’ve had the opportunity over the past week to spend some time playing with WeeFeel‘s latest creation, The Bubble Bomps.  This is an app that launched very recently and there is already a lot of buzz about it.  (It was listed number 40 in the top 200 new apps!)... Read more
Butter Chicken Kebabs to kick off BBQ season
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny Sunday.  We had some nice family time, organized the house and got back on track a little with life in general.  Just in time for the chaos of the week to start all over again! As soon as the sun starts shining in Vancouver,... Read more
Spring Cleaning with Aspen Clean (& giveaway)
A couple of months ago, I saw someone tweet about how amazing the Aspen Clean Glass Cleaner is for cleaning windows.  I remember reading the tweet and glancing over at my dirty, hand-printed floor-to-ceiling windows in our sunroom and feeling a pang of envy.  I REALLY just want nice,... Read more
Kidoodle.TV: to help monitor your child’s screen time
Our 3.5 year old watches her fair share of little shows.  Be they 20 minute shows or a special movie on a weekend night, we like to be selective when it comes to what Portia watches.  It’s not always easy (and we don’t always have all the time we... Read more
Fire Safety Videos for your kids from SparkySchoolHouse.Org (& giveaway!)
I think it’s safe to say that every single parent worries about the safety of their children… at all times!  I certainly do, which is why I LOVE being introduced to educational/informative materials for teaching children what to do in potentially dangerous situations. Most recently, these fire safety... Read more
Huggies Little Movers Slip-On diapers #FirstFit
Fact: We are a family with little invested interest in diapering style.  With our first daughter, we used all disposable, all the time.  When our second daughter was born, I decided I wanted to at least supplement disposables with reusables, so that’s exactly what we do…  On days where... Read more
Jamie Smith – The Artist Behind Madeleine’s ‘Love Letter’
Possibly my favourite part of North Shore Mama is the chances I get to meet other fantastic (most often female) entrepreneurs in Vancouver.  I attend many events, conferences and soirees.  As an extrovert and social butterfly, I love these various opportunities to dress up, get out and mingle with... Read more
Over The Loom- Vintage Inspired Clothing for Girls (& a giveaway!)
I’ve had the great opportunity of partnering with Over The Loom to check out their sweet collection of girl’s clothing.  Over The Loom carries a wide selection of young girl’s clothing and accessories from both local and international designers. Above, Portia is wearing a beautiful rosette dress in a... Read more
Whistle & Flute – Fine Clothes for Dapper Families
I love supporting local businesses!  It is honestly something that I consider to be one of the perks of having this site.  I have met so many unique, passionate and talented small business owners through North Shore Mama and I feel really grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate... Read more
The Tim Horton’s Extreme Italian is back… for good! WIN yours today!
It was an average Monday morning.  My eldest was in daycare and my youngest was napping.  I was working away in the office, when the doorbell rang. DING DONG… When I opened the door, I was greeted by a lovely woman holding a basket filled with Italian themed goodies.... Read more