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Stuck on you: Customized labels, lunch boxes, and more (& WIN)
I have partnered with Stuck on You Canada again to review some products and tell you about this great company.  We have been using their products already for a couple of years, since Portia first started daycare when I returned to work after my first maternity leave.  If you... Read more
Family Fun on the North Shore: Maplewood Farm (& giveaway)
We have a gem on the North Shore that I didn’t even know about until Portia was born almost 4 years ago.  I couldn’t believe that I had lived on the North Shore my entire life and had never found myself at Maplewood Farm! Maplewood Farm is just off... Read more
Eyelash extensions are the new black
For a while I had been enviously staring at some of my friends lush lashes.  HOW do they get them like that? Is there a secret mascara I’m missing out on?  Do I finally (after never having used one in my life) need to buy one of those eyelash... Read more
Summer sun care essentials
Summer! It’s HERE! Bring on the pool and beach days, backyard playdates and celebratory parades! Last weekend, we attended the Canada Day parade in North Van.  It was a perfect Vancouver summer day, but wowzas, it was HOT.  Thankfully, we ran into some friends who had a great sidewalk... Read more
GoGo Bags: handmade, eco-friendly snack bags (& WIN)
If you’ve been reading North Shore Mama for a little while now, you’ll know that what I consider to be one of the perks of running North Shore Mama, is my ability to support local Vancouver businesses.  I love where we live and I am so proud of all... Read more
Rudi’s gluten free taste-test at Las Margaritas
My favourite types of emails in my inbox are ones that a) invite me out for dinner (sans children) and b) offer me delicious food to dine on.Recently, I found one such invite from Rudi’s in my inbox and it was an event being hosted at Las Margaritas, no... Read more
Ready-to-drink Starbucks Refreshers for energy on the go (WIN!)
I have a confession to make.  I am 100% fuelled by caffeine.  I go to bed too late at night, the girls wake me up too early in the morning, and the hours in between are… tiring.  So, I drink coffee, tea and anything else that will give me... Read more
How hair extensions have changed my look (and possibly my life)!
I’ve never had that gorgeous, thick, somehow-always-perfectly-wavy hair that some women have.  I have always envied it, but have never had it! Until last week!! Ok, the title of this post is maybe a little over the top, but I am so happy with my hair that I honestly... Read more
My 1-day juice cleanse with The Juicery Co.
Last week, I did something totally crazy (for me, at least!).  I chose to forego solid food for an entire day and do The Juicery Co. juice cleanse.  Say what? I LOVE food.  All food.  I could never attempt, for the life of me, being vegetarian or gluten-free.  I... Read more
That time my eyebrows went from unruly to unbelievable! (+ WIN)
I have to admit that it had been quite a while since I had ‘tended’ to my eyebrows properly.  As a busy mama to two wee ones, sometimes (or… quite often!) my beauty regime gets nice and cozy at the bottom of my list of priorities.  My “over-plucked in... Read more