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My secret to making the most perfect cupcakes…
Ok, I need to tell you right away so as not to lead you on any longer.  My secret to making the most perfect cupcakes is actually not some fancy Pinterest-worthy tutorial on making cupcakes.  My secret is not a recipe passed down from generation to generation.  My secret... Read more
It’s that time of year…
Here we find ourselves again.  Fall.  In Vancouver.  A.k.a cold, damp, wetness. It’s coming and we all know it!  I am a warmth-seeking sun-baby, so I’m kind of holding my breath in anticipation of the days and days (and months) of rain that we will be experiencing soon.  While bundling... Read more
Feeling good about the skin products we put on our kids
We live in an interesting time, where research and awareness of harmful chemicals in everyday products is so much more prevalent than even 10 years ago.  As a parent in this day and age, it is reinforced for us with every article we read and every product we learn about.... Read more
The solution to ‘nut-free’ snacks at school
My children love ‘bars’.  That’s what they call anything that’s rectangular and in a crinkly wrapper and they live for them.  All summer I carried ‘bars’ in my purse, beach bag and pockets because they are such an easy snack. Now that school has started up again and Portia and... Read more
Our first Jamberry Nails experience (+ Jamberry GIVEAWAY!)
I kept hearing about Jamberry and, on many occasions, I have noticed women with really interesting nail designs.  Nine times out of ten, when I asked where they got their cool nails done, the answer was “these are Jamberry nails”.  (One time out of ten, the answer would be... Read more
Arbonne all natural skin care (+ giveaway)
If you know me personally, you’ve likely heard me talking about how much I love Arbonne products.  We were first introduced to Arbonne when we started using the baby sunscreen during our trip to Mexico in March.  I was amazed at how effective the product was and the overall... Read more
Sippy cups that don’t leak in my purse are gold to me
I can’t think of many things worse that throwing ‘leak-free’ cups into my purse, assuming they actually won’t leak, and then finding a little puddle at the bottom of my bag when I go to pull cups out.  UGH! The worst! When I find cups that DON’T leak, that... Read more
4 things I’ve learned about diapering
Before having our own two girls, I think I maybe changed 2 diapers in my entire life.  The 2 diaper changes that are ingrained in my mind involved poo on the carpet and pee on my shirt.  Changing diapers has never been a particularly enjoyable thing for me, yet... Read more
How to get a little extra sleep on weekends
We have a new little trick for getting some extra zzz’s on the weekend.  Portia (4.5 years) is usually the first one awake, so we’ve started a new routine with her in hopes of giving mommy, daddy and Madeleine an extra 30 minutes of so of shut-eye. We were... Read more
We got straight-up Pampr’d
Over the weekend, my husband and I got straight-up Pampr’d.  No, it’s not a typo, though the real name of the experience is actually Pampr. 😉 What is Pampr, you may ask? You DEFINITELY want to know the answer.  Pampr is a revolutionary way to book a massage.  A... Read more