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Keep the love (and food) pouring in for Chelsea’s Family!
I have to say that I love living on the North Shore on any given day, but there are milestone moments where I feel PROUD to live on the North Shore, like when I see the community come together the way that it has for Chelsea Steyns’ family. Even... Read more
Basics for Babies Fundraiser Event hosted by Fit For Life
  Basics for Babies Fundraiser On Sunday, July 7th, Fit For Life Personal Training is hosting a fundraiser for “Basics for Babies”.  Everyone is asked to bring a donation of $10 for the charity. Every penny will go to help support families and babies who depend on the Greater... Read more
I was so sad to find out yesterday that, over the weekend, the North Shore community lost a wonderful woman to cancer.  I never met Chelsea Steyn, but I have mutual friends and have been following her fight against a rare form of cancer since I first heard about... Read more
Greenkick’s Top 7 Ways to Green your BBQ this summer
I’m very excited to share my space with Michele Partridge of Greenkick.  She writes a fantastic blog where you will find so much useful information about all things ‘green’! Welcome Michele! ******* Top 7 Ways to Green Your BBQ This Summer – Guest Blog from Ah, it’s summer... Read more
An “Interview” with Chantal Kreviazuk!
I was totally flattered to have been contacted a couple of weeks ago by representatives of Chantal Kreviazuk (Yes- THE Chantal Kreviazuk!) to meet her in-person for an interview.  Chantal was in Vancouver for a few days to help promote the Walmart Mom of the Year Award, of which... Read more
What VancouverMom means to me!
Just under a year ago, my little blog was nominated for the‘s Vancouver’s Top 30 Mom Blogger Awards.  I managed to sneak in to the Top 30 amidst a slew of fantastic blogs written by a group of lovely mamas.  What a huge honour and privilege it was…... Read more
Are you on the fence? Let The Audience guide you!
We have all been down the ‘big decision’ road.  We all know those sleepless nights where the pro’s and con’s list dances through our head leaving us overwhelmed and exhausted.  These decisions pop up often in our lives and we keep our fingers crossed that what we decide in... Read more
Seymour Heights Parent Participation Preschool
I was contacted by a fellow North Vancouver mama who was hoping to spread the word about the preschool that her child attends.  Finding the right preschool for your child(ren) can be nerve-racking and challenging at times.  I thought it would be useful for parents to hear about one... Read more


News April 29, 2013 0

As you may have noticed, there has not been a ton of action on the blog lately.  I keep thinking I am going to have these glorious pockets of time to post to my heart’s content, but, as it turns out, those magical moments are few and far between... Read more
5 things you may not know about me!
Over the past year, I have had the great opportunity to connect with many of‘s 2012 Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers. We have formed friendships through our writing, a facebook page we created (and post to constantly throughout the day), and by planning playdates and dinners out together.... Read more