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Taking care of your health is always in style
I have a confession! It had been YEARS (like, 7) since I last had my eyes checked. That is way too long to go without checking something, especially when I work so hard to take care of my body. The crazy thing is that I know I should be wearing... Read more
Staying Warm and Cozy With The Right Winter Jacket
I am notorious for feeling cold.   Part of that likely has to do with my circulation, but what I’m chalking it up to mostly is not wearing the ‘appropriate’ winter gear in the winter.  I like to pretend Spring is just around the corner the minute Summer comes to... Read more
National Hugging Day & Huggies #NoBabyUnhugged
There’s nothing like a hug. Hugging makes us feel safe and secure and warm and loved. Whether we are greeting a friend we adore or we are feeling a bit down, a really good hug is what we default to as humans… and there’s a very good reason. Over... Read more
Healthy Weekday Eggs Recipe: Poached Egg on Avocado Toast
Weekdays are usually pretty hectic for most people.  If you have school-aged kids and your life revolves around that first morning bell (like our lives do!), getting a nutritious breakfast in your belly in the morning might seem like a feat in and of itself… never mind getting ANY breakfast in at... Read more
5 Reasons Why I Love Park Royal
I am a North Shore girl, born and raised.  There is so much on offer on the North Shore, that I feel very grateful to live where I do.  We have access to endless hiking trails, we are minutes from local mountains, we are steps to the ocean and... Read more
Gabriola Park- An Ideal Family Community
When checking out the Gabriola Park community online, I found myself daydreaming of a brand new home, with all new everything… nothing needing repairs or fixing. I couldn’t decide which features appealed to me the most, the “deep, relaxing soaker tub in the main bathrooms”, the “large green space... Read more
The cutest Halloween costumes at Walmart #HalloweenForLess
Halloween is rapidly approaching and this year something completely OUTRAGEOUS happened over here! Instead of waiting (some may go so far as to call it procrastinating!) until a few days before Halloween to get my girls their costumes, I had their costumes hanging in their closets all ready to... Read more
Fall Reading List (+ giveaway)
Fall is a time to settle in, cozy up and hit refresh.  After a long and busy summer of rushing out the door first thing in the morning in order to maximize Vitamin D intake, I always find that Fall is a great time to take some deep breaths of fresh... Read more
Jumpsuits: From Summer to Fall
There is nothing better than a trend that flows seamlessly from one season to the next.  This summer, jumpsuits have been a hot commodity and there were so many to choose from!  I found this amazing pink jumpsuit online from ASOS and I’m excited that I’ll get to wear it... Read more
Back to Reality + Back to Routine
Beach days and sunrays and being totally unfazed.  That has been summer for us.  It has been blissful and so needed! I hope you all had similar opportunities to unwind even just a little. It seems strange to think that we are already thinking of fall routines and back-to-school... Read more