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Behind the Smiles- Beating the Blues
You know those days that are just REALLY hard to get through?  Whether it’s because you’re sad or stressed or going through something deeper (and I’m sending you love, if you are!). I had a REALLY hard day yesterday.   It was a day where I laughed for the... Read more
So the mommy wars  are an actual thing?
I’ve read about them.  I’ve experienced them ‘from a distance’… from the comfort of my desk chair and safely behind my computer screen.  I’ve heard about the upset that they have caused in the articles I have read since becoming a mommy myself.  I’ve sympathized with complete strangers and,... Read more
What we can learn from the mistakes we make
I think it’s pretty safe to say that parenting is the hardest thing I have ever done and the hardest thing I will ever do in life.  (Who’s with me?).  Sure, there are challenges in work life and in friendships and in relationships, but when it comes down to... Read more