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For the very first time (in 8 years)
I did something this evening that I have thought about doing for a very long time (8 years long!) and have been too afraid/lazy to actually do. Up until 8 years ago, I used to run.  As in, go out for a jog.  One of those days, all those... Read more
That’s it! No more TV for the kids!
This is something I have been grappling with for a while now.  I have known that it was a move I wanted to make but, for some reason, I just took a while to make it.  I finally took action 10 days ago and hope to never look back.  My kids... Read more
15 ways to add happiness to your day
I am a happy person by nature. I feel lucky that I am able to see the good in most people and most situations and I think that really contributes to the sense of happiness that I experience daily. Having said that, life isn’t all-good, all-the-time.  We all have our... Read more
Madeleine, lost & found

Madeleine, lost & found

Life August 16, 2015 20

Yesterday, I experienced the scariest 5 minutes as a parent to date.  I thought I would be able to get this out in writing last night, but it has taken me until now to be able to recover from the panic I felt and the sheer terror that was... Read more
Homemade Essential Oils Scented Playdough
I am not very ‘crafty’.  I envy the moms that, at the drop of a hat, can come up with some cool art/craft idea for their kids to work on or play with, but it’s just not me.  I do, however, make homemade playdough.  Every so often. For some... Read more
Something I’m trying to learn at age 33
It took me many years, now into my 30’s, to realise that there is something very important that I don’t know how to do.  At all. It’s not something I am proud of.  At all! I don’t know how to RELAX.  I can’t wrap my mind around ‘chilling out’.... Read more
Why we didn’t collect umbilical cord blood
Before I launch into our story, I feel very inclined to first make it clear that our reasons for not collecting umbilical cord blood have nothing to do with beliefs or non-beliefs.  We actually felt pretty ambivalent about the whole idea, but my husband and I DID register to... Read more
12 Must-Have Baby Items

12 Must-Have Baby Items

Life April 14, 2015 2

Before Portia was born, I felt slightly overwhelmed with all the baby items that were available to us (and there are SO many more out there now, 5 years later!).  I have friends who are starting their family now and I get asked often, “What do I absolutely NEED... Read more
What does it mean to THRIVE as a mother?
That is a question I’ve asked myself a lot over the past year… I have been blessed with 2 amazing daughters. Portia , age 4, is both strong-willed and acutely sensitive.  Madeleine, age 2, finds humour in anything and everything- she just wants to laugh! When Portia was a... Read more
Turning a ‘parenting fail’ into a ‘parenting win’
You know that moment when you feel like you’re a terrible parent?  I think we’ve all been there at some point or another.  We want to be the best parents we can be, but sometimes something goes wrong… The other day when I dropped my girls off at daycare,... Read more