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Summer survival with Your Parenting Partner
We did it.  We made the very difficult decision to pull the girls out of daycare for the summer.  Translation:  I will be a stay-at-home, work-from-home mama for 2 months.  AND I AM SO NERVOUS. For many of you reading this, you’re maybe wondering what the big deal is.... Read more
How to develop resilience in children
Why is it that so many University students appear to be failing, not coping and dropping out of college? The logical answer to this would be that these students are somehow unable to cope and succeed with the pressures that University puts upon them. It’s strange because many of... Read more
Using consequences to modify behaviour
The use of consequences and limit setting are both positive forms of discipline that can be used to modify behaviour and help foster intrinsic motivation in our children. The use of these will ultimately help guide and teach our children to make wise choices and choose socially responsible behaviours.... Read more
Mother’s Day – “Thank you Mom” from Your Parenting Partner, Louise Clarke
Thank you Mom for being the best Mom ever. You could turn your hand to almost anything; chef, event planner, chauffeur, algebra tutor, cleaner, diplomat, bike mechanic, peacekeeper, vet, handyman, artist, nurse, personal assistant, time keeper, game maker upper, tennis umpire…… have I missed anything and did you honestly... Read more
What motivates your child’s behaviour?
“If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for a reward, we are a sorry lot indeed” – Albert Einstein And I thought that Einstein was purely a theoretical physicist. He clearly had a far greater perspective on life than his passion and genius for physics... Read more
The Benefits of Setting Limits
It’s been two weeks since Spring Break and in our house, some of the limits and boundaries that lapsed (as they tend to) during the holidays are still lapsed! I notice it, my children notice it and my sanity, or perhaps lack thereof, certainly notices it. Bedtime springs to... Read more
Cultivating mindfulness and happiness in our kids
  It is said that mindfulness gives us the ability to sustain happiness. So what exactly is it? Mindfulness is about learning to direct our attention to our experience as it unfolds with an open mind, curiosity and kindness. The benefits of mindfulness are numerous, have been scientifically proven... Read more
How to help your child develop a strong sense of self
We all live such busy lives that there are many times we find ourselves doing things for our children that they are more than capable of doing for themselves. If, for example, we consider the routine of getting our kids ready for school in the mornings…… we wake them... Read more
How do you define ‘success’?
I have been reading a book called “Teach your Kids Well” by Madeline Levine. It ties into my previous two blogs nicely in that it is about parenting for success. Where I examined ways in which we can implement good parenting strategies into our homes on our quest to become... Read more
Parenting with Success- Top Tips (Part 2)
This is the second of a two-part blog on exploring ways in which you can become a more democratic or backbone parent continue to parent with success. In my last blog I looked at CONNECTION, RESPECT, ENCOURAGEMENT, using GUIDANCE in your DISCIPLINE PLAN all the while being FIRM and... Read more