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Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Know Their Math Facts
Your grade 4 child is busy studying because his teacher has asked her to memorize her multiplication tables…. Your grade 4 child has no factual recall of his multiplication tables and his teacher says it is neither required nor necessary… Which of these scenarios makes the most sense to... Read more
Understanding Hip Dysplasia
Sharaya Stanger, BKin, MPT Pediatric Physiotherapist with Kids Physio Group Vancouver One morning you think you hear a “clicking” sound while changing your baby’s diaper. Your suspicions are confirmed when your little one’s hip “clicks” again later that day during another changing. You think to yourself: Is this a... Read more
Math: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” “Change for Change sake.” Both are commonly used phrases…but when it comes to teaching math, we would say the first is a good rule to live by! Over the years, education philosophy and curriculum have changed – especially as technology becomes more... Read more
What makes Math different from other subjects?
Do you remember those giant building blocks your kids play (or played) with? You know the ones – the big yellow, blue and red blocks that get every child and adult attempting, for hours, to make a giant, leaning structure? We all love piling up those building blocks but... Read more
Top 3 Homework Do’s and Don’ts for Parents
We are always getting questions from parents of school-age children on the best ways to help kids with homework. Even if your child is attending a tutoring or learning centre, it’s always a great idea to reinforce what they’re learning in the home environment and show you are involved... Read more
Summer pre-hab and injury prevention for kids
Written by: Maegan Mak, BSc, BKin, MPT Physiotherapist at Kids Physio Group (NVan and Vancouver locations) These days kids are so active and busy throughout the school year, participating in a wide variety of sports and other extracurricular activities. Summer break is when most kids have some time off... Read more
Body Awareness: Helping kids understand injury
Written by Julie Paul, BSc (HealthSciences), MScPT – Pediatric Physiotherapist at Kids Physio Group (North Van & Vancouver) Last post I discussed “Pain Language: Let Kids Learn the Lingo”. Now, let’s focus on the importance of teaching kids about their bodies after injury and during movement. My job is to... Read more
Summer survival with Your Parenting Partner
We did it.  We made the very difficult decision to pull the girls out of daycare for the summer.  Translation:  I will be a stay-at-home, work-from-home mama for 2 months.  AND I AM SO NERVOUS. For many of you reading this, you’re maybe wondering what the big deal is.... Read more
6 Tips for Achieving Healthy Hair
We all want it; thick, bouncy, glowing healthy hair. Follow these tips and you’ll be the hair envy of all your friends.  Don’t wash your hair every day Or even every other day. Try to get into the routine of washing your hair 2-3 times a week if possible.... Read more
Pain Language: Let Kids Learn the Lingo
Written by: Julie Paul, BSc (HealthSciences), MScPT Pediatric Physiotherapist at Kids Physio Group (North Van & Vancouver) How many times have you said “I have a pounding headache”? Or “My back is aching like crazy”? Or “My knee is throbbing”? We use a wide range of descriptive language to... Read more