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The Perks of Receiving an Insult
I was recently asked a question:  “A child at school told my daughter she had weird amount of hair on her arms. How can I help my daughter handle this?” Most young children lack a filter. Well, so do many adults, for that matter!  Much of what little kids... Read more
Why are baby teeth important?
At my North Vancouver dental practice, I get asked a lot from parents why their children’s baby teeth are important.  Parents commonly ask me if it’s critical to keep them clean by brushing daily? The answer is a big YES! Baby teeth are so important to your child’s oral... Read more
Buying a Condo For Your Child
Sometimes the best part of my job is meeting really smart people. They’re planners. While I struggle to sign-up for parent teacher interviews in advance – meaning, I meet my kids’ respective teachers on Tuesday at 4pm, Wednesday at 3pm and then again on Wednesday at 7pm – these... Read more
More Calm, Less Chaos: Helping kids find balance in their day
You know if you’re not out the door in the next 5 minutes you’ll be late…again.  Your time is ticking and the more you rush them the slower they go. The dog is barking to be let out, you keep stepping in the sticky residue from the spilled orange... Read more
6 Steps To Better Relationships
“Relationships with others will be difficult until we have a good one with ourselves.” Ranbir Puar What is it that consistently makes us act inconsistently in our relationships?! For most people, relationships provide the most exhilarating, challenging, and high-growth opportunities of their lives. Some of us have wonderful relationships... Read more
Does My Child Have a Cavity?
Cavities can form on teeth when plaque and food are not brushed away. The food and bacteria-filled plaque form an acid that softens the enamel, eventually creating a hole. Cavities can form at any age… even babies can develop tooth decay.  So which signs should a parent look out... Read more
House Hunting With Kids
Growing up, my family relocated a few times – from Vancouver to Winnipeg and then back again – and, each time, my parents would take us house hunting with them. I loved it! I remember one house in particular that I fell in love with. I can’t tell you... Read more
How to find your SELF!
As we all know, it’s not easy to embark on a new goal.  By now, many a New Year’s Resolution has been dismissed and replaced by the old, cozy habit.   Why does this happen?  There’s a part of us that wants to grow and change.  But, on the... Read more
How to Make Brushing Teeth FUN!
Let’s face it, brushing your little ones teeth can be a challenge! They chew the toothbrush, close their mouth, cry and run away. When it’s time to brush, many children even kick and scream, making this a dreaded time of the bedtime routine.  No matter how exhausting this can... Read more
Making the Most of Your Parent Teacher Interviews!
You walk into your child’s classroom to meet with their teacher and are already feeling rushed because you had to race from work to attend this meeting.  Your thoughts are scattered but you still manage to have a brief, courteous chat with your child’s teacher.  She tells you that... Read more