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Choose your sunscreen based on these 3 things…
Depending on where you are in Canada, you may be experiencing record highs or in the case of those of us in Vancouver, record lows and rainfall!  Either way sun protection is a “hot” topic this time of year and a great time to gather information and tips on... Read more
How to Create a Positive Dental Visit for your Child
Taking your children to the Dentist is necessary to promote and maintain a healthy mouth. The dental office can be an unfamiliar place for your child. This can create some anxiety and fears of visiting the dentist. Here are my top tips to Parents on how to create a... Read more
Simplifying Meal Time For Your Family in 5 Easy Steps
Far too often, when I unpack my kids’ lunch bags after school, I find most of their lunch still in the bag. I ask why… “They needed us out of the classrooms, so we didn’t have time to eat better.”  Consistent answers from both boys.  Other moms relate a... Read more
Dental Health for Athletes
Did you know that energy and sports drinks are linked to poor dental health among athletes? Sports drinks were originally developed to improve hydration and performance in athletes taking part in high intensity sporting events. These drinks contain high amounts of carbohydrates (sugars), salt, and citric acid. These ingredients... Read more
How to handle a picky eater and raise a happy eater
Hands up if you have a picky eater at home. I’m going to tell you something that I hope helps you feel better about this. Picky eating can be a completely typical part of child development. In fact, most young children are picky about food at some point or... Read more
Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten
Many parents are probably thinking about their pre-kindergarten kids starting school in the fall. This can be a tricky road to navigate emotionally. On the one hand, it’s exciting to think about this next new step for your child and all the opportunities and adventures that come with starting school.... Read more
10 Tips to a Beautiful White Smile
Healthy white teeth require healthy Enamel. This is the outermost part of the Tooth. Preserving the enamel is essential, as it can never grow back. Once this hard, white part of the tooth is lost, teeth become darker in colour. At my North Vancouver dental practice, I get asked... Read more
Parent or Partner? Which is More Important?
The challenge of finding life-balance is a topic that typically comes up when I speak to groups of women.  It often leads to the question:  which role is more important – Parent or Partner? After having a child, your relationship becomes a ‘new’ one.  In many ways, having a... Read more
Healthy Snacks and Healthy Teeth
Did you know that DIET plays a critical role in oral health? A healthy diet is the foundation to a healthy body…. and healthy TEETH!  There are certain foods that should be limited to prevent cavities for the whole family.  When choosing snacks, choose healthy produce, healthy fats, and low sugar... Read more
Tell me and Show me: Using pictures to make life a little easier
We all use pictures or visuals throughout the day to give us more information about what is happening in our environment. We watch our friends and families facial expressions to give us information about feelings, we look outside to see what the weather is like, we look at our... Read more