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Superfood Protein Balls Recipe
Pre-made snacks are expensive and are usually full of processed ingredients and rancid fats. Try these easy to make protein energy balls for you and your family. They’re much cheaper to make than store bought and they’re 100% natural. All you need is a blending appliance (food processor, blender... Read more
Homemade Lemon Pepper Mayonaise
When life gives you lemons, make lemon pepper Mayo! Mayonnaise that’s sold in stores is highly processed and the fragile vegetable oils used in making these sauces are rancid by the time they have been made into the product and hit the shelves. Eating rancid oils creates free radicals... Read more
5 Foods That Gently Detoxify Your Body
Our bodies hold onto toxins in our livers, fats cells, skin and hair. The body is bombarded with toxins every day, some we can control the ingestion (nicotine, alcohol, drugs, poor foods laden with additives) and some that we can’t control such as environmental factors like pollution. The body... Read more
Vitamin D and natural antidepressants for these winter months
  As the snow falls on the mountains we are usually met with rain in the city, and this can cause mood changes, lethargy, and an overall energy drained feeling. It’s important to counteract these feelings with some positive choices in your day-to-day activities. Follow these tips to counteract... Read more
How to increase your energy… the ‘Goods’ way! (& WIN!)
You know that wall you hit in the middle of the day?  For some it’s around 2pm, for others it’s more like 5pm. For me lately, it feels as though I have been ramming myself up against that wall from the time I wake up in the morning until... Read more
Organic or Not?
Organics are all the rage. The media is telling us that if we aren’t eating organic fruits and vegetables we’re consuming pesticides and GMO’s from the conventionally farmed produce found at the grocery store. It’s scary stuff, and organic food is expensive. Also scary. I’ve come to tell you... Read more
Dehydrator: The healthy snack appliance for your family
I love my kitchen appliances, but my favourite by far is my food dehydrator. It is so useful for making whole, raw, live snacks and foods. When I say live, I mean that the food’s natural enzymes are still intact. When a food is cooked at temperatures over 150... Read more
3 easy (and healthy) homemade alternative milks
The other day, I paid a visit to Jessica Blumel, owner and operator of North Shore Mama. We spoke of all things nutrition but one thing that I realized is a big issue with lots of moms is the milk debate. Is it good? Is it bad? What are... Read more
What’s the deal with Fats?
What’s the difference between saturated and unsaturated? What about omega 3, omega 6? What makes something hydrogenated? Why is it bad? What are Trans Fats? These are questions I get asked by clients all the time. Fats are confusing at first but I’m going to explain the differences to... Read more
Holistic beauty tips for Mama!
The last few articles have been focusing on improving you and your family’s diets, so I thought this week I would write something just for you: the MAMA! Winter is on its way and it’s getting rainy and gloomy out there but that doesn’t mean your complexion has to... Read more