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5 Easter-Inspired Science Experiments for Kids #StreamTeam 5 Easter-Inspired Science Experiments for Kids #StreamTeam
Spring is such an exciting time of year! There is so much growth, colour, and anticipation of those hot summer months. It’s a time... 5 Easter-Inspired Science Experiments for Kids #StreamTeam

Science Experiments

Spring is such an exciting time of year! There is so much growth, colour, and anticipation of those hot summer months. It’s a time where we can start spending entire days outside without feeling the dampness of Vancouver (except for today which feels more like winter than spring!). Spring also brings the celebration of Easter.

I’ve always loved egg hunts and my girls do now too.  This year, I wanted to find some other fun Easter-Inspired activities for the girls to do other than just searching for their eggs (which takes 10 minutes and sometimes feels anti-climactic).  I thought it would also be a great idea to make these activities educational, as well as fun.  I spent some time playing on Pinterest and did a mini roundup of 5 science experiments for your wee ones to learn from and enjoy!

Also, if you haven’t already checked them out, Netflix has some great shows to get kids excited about the many wonders that science brings us, and I will share some of their kid-friendly titles below!  First, some science experiments to check out!

Volcano Easter Egg Experiment

I found this activity on Housing A Forest.  It’s like egg dying on a whole new level and looks like so much fun!

Volcano Egg Experiment

Exploring the pigments in flowers

“Have you ever wondered what makes a flower appear a certain color to us? For example, what pigments make a rose be a deep, rich shade of red? Do different flowers use the same pigments? In this activity you’ll get to use paper chromatography to investigate if the pigments from one type of red flower are different from those in another type of red flower.” – Scientific American.  This would be a fun one with kidlets, especially is they love flowers as much as mine do!

Pigments in flowers

Glossy Skittles Paint

This one comes from a really good friend of mine, Jen of Mama Papa Bubba.  I’ve tried this with Portia before and it was a lot of fun! “As she sorted the candies by colour, we chatted about which flavours we thought they might be, which colours were our favourites, and which containers had the most and the least candies at the moment.”  Find out how to make your own Skittles Paint here!

Glossy Skittles Paint

Growing Crystals in Eggshells 

“It only takes a spark to start a fire, and it only takes one atom to act as a seed for crystal formation. Under the right conditions, the atoms in alum will join together like puzzle pieces to form large crystals. I posted a few years ago about how to grow a large alum crystal, but this experiment is even more fun. It’s also easier for young kids, since it takes less small-motor coordination.” From The Kitchen Pantry Scientist.

Growing crystals in eggshells

Cinnamon Bun Monkey Bread

“Did you know that baking is a scientific reaction? I guess I never really think of it that way, but it’s probably the most basic type of science that we perform on a regular basis. Baking utilizes precise measured ingredients. Any change in the “formula” of ingredients, can change the outcome drastically. Baking homemade bread from scratch is a great way to get your kids involved in the kitchen and discover the science of baking. ”  Grab the recipe for this delicious science experiment over at Meet the Dubiens.

Cinnamon bun monkey bread

Now that you’ve exercised your kids’ brains with the coolness of hands-on science experiments, grab some pieces of that monkey bread and enjoy these science-themed shows!

For the younger crowd:


1. The Magic School Bus Gains Weight
2. Fetch! with Ruff
3. Animal Mechanicals, Balloon Volcano Island
4. Sid the Science Kid

For the older crowd:

1. Nova: Hunting the Elements
2. Cosmos
3. Deadliest Volcanoes: Nova
4. Let Your Mind Wonder

Disclosure – I am part of the Netflix Canada #streamteam and receive perks in exchange for my affiliation with them. All opinions expressed are my own

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