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12 Must-Have Baby Items 12 Must-Have Baby Items
Before Portia was born, I felt slightly overwhelmed with all the baby items that were available to us (and there are SO many more... 12 Must-Have Baby Items

must-have baby items

Before Portia was born, I felt slightly overwhelmed with all the baby items that were available to us (and there are SO many more out there now, 5 years later!).  I have friends who are starting their family now and I get asked often, “What do I absolutely NEED right off the bat?”.

Other than the basics like a good stroller, a crib (we started the girls in the crib at around 3 months old), diapers, etc., there are a few key items that I found to be life-savers and that I recommend to all mamas-to-be.  While I have quite a few products or items that I felt made our lives a lot easier in the baby stage, I’m limiting this post to my top 3 items, because I’ve joined forces with some lovely local blogger friends who are sharing their top 3 must-have baby items as well.

So, here we go… Without further ado…

3 must-have baby items!

Lanolin Cream

Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream

Breastfeeding was a challenge for me from Day 1.  Neither of my girls were those babies that latched on right away and nursed like a dream.  I almost gave up on breastfeeding MANY times.  I will never forget being in the hospital on day 2 of our first being born and being in so much PAIN.  A good friend of mine came to visit and said “aren’t you using lanolin cream???”.  As I had only 1 friend in the world at that time who had had kids before me, I’m sure I looked at her in total exasperation when I replied “WHAT’S THAT?”.  She went and got me some and came back and I remember the RELIEF I felt being so extreme that I could have cried.  (Ok, maybe I did cry).  Mamas… pack this in your hospital bag and use it BEFORE, during and AFTER you nurse your wee one.  I stopped using it after about a month with each babe, but my goodness, please use it!

Breast pump

Medela breast pump

Ok, so there may be a bit of a theme happening here.  Again with the feeding help! :) When Portia was born, I was entering into the second year of my grad degree at SFU.  I took 3 weeks off of classes and then got right back at it.  Looking back, I’m pretty amazed I managed to pull that off but, at the time, I didn’t really think much of it.  Portia was 10 months old when I completed my 2 year grad degree in Education but for those first few months, I was leaving my sweet little baby at home with my husband while I attended 4.5 hour long classes.  Portia loved to eat.  So, I pumped  A LOT in that time.  I used the Medela Swing pump and it allowed hubby to feed Portia while I was gone.  I’m also extremely social and love to be out with friends, so the breast pump gave me the freedom to take off for an evening sans bébé, which I really needed from time to time.

Diaper pail

Diaper genie diaper pail

When babies aren’t eating, they’re sleeping or POOPING.  One of the items we had on our baby registry was the Diaper Genie diaper pail and it’s still going strong 5 years later.  If you’re using disposable diapers, having a diaper pail next to your change table is a must, in my honest opinion.  Many of them have a little foot pedal, so you just step down, it opens up and you throw your dirty diaper in.  Done and done!

So, you know what my 3 must-have baby items are, what about the other 3 mama bloggers who’ve been there?  Click the links below to find out their top 3!

12 must-have baby items  Jessica ~ North Shore Mama / Salma ~ The Write Balance / Carolyn ~Moments in Mommyland / Tairalyn ~ Little Miss Mama


I hope this post helps you in your quest for the most helpful/convenient baby items!

 Your turn: What is your must-have baby item? 

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  • Salma

    April 14, 2015 #1 Author

    The breast pump was one of my saviors too for baby number one!


  • Carrie

    August 15, 2015 #2 Author

    Going with the nursing theme, really nice breast pads. I had a microfiber pair and the scratchy disposables just don’t compare! I always get my girlfriends a nice pair at their baby shower!


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