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Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Know Their Math Facts Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Know Their Math Facts
Your grade 4 child is busy studying because his teacher has asked her to memorize her multiplication tables…. Your grade 4 child has no... Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Know Their Math Facts

Your grade 4 child is busy studying because his teacher has asked her to memorize her multiplication tables….

Your grade 4 child has no factual recall of his multiplication tables and his teacher says it is neither required nor necessary…

Which of these scenarios makes the most sense to you?

Math facts are basic facts including addition, (2+3, 6+8 etc), subtraction (8-3, etc), multiplication (you’ve got the idea) and division. As discussed in our last post “Math: If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It, there has been less emphasis on competence with these facts and more emphasis on exploring and discovering math. The latter of the two is designed to help students increase their level of understanding versus being able to perform math exercises as a result of memorizing facts and processes.

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Certainly, understanding math should always be the main objective but we don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water! Instead of seeking new ways to improve students’ understanding of concepts, in favor of memorizing math facts, why not focus on both?

Top 5 Reasons your child should get to know their math facts

  1. Homework: Good recall of math facts makes math homework go more quickly and smoothly (at all grade levels)…I think we can all agree that parents, teachers and students will appreciate this!
  2. Confidence: Children’s confidence is boosted with strong math facts – once their confidence in math is up, they might even enjoy it more!
  3. Technology – the math ‘crutch’: We have easy access to calculators on Smart Phones, tablets, computers, etc but they seem to have become a crutch for many children (and adults for that matter!). Your kids may be in a tough situation should they need to do some quick math without access to technology…what then?
  4. Everyday Decisions: Day by day we use math facts to decide if we have enough money for certain purchases, if we have enough time to get to where we want to go, how much (or how little!) we want to tip someone in a restaurant, etc.
  5. Fun Time: Let’s not forget the fun stuff…enjoying card and board games with family and friends relies on math facts – just imagine trying to play Monopoly without these simple facts in your brain!

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It’s never too late to help your kids learn their math facts and there are many resources available to assist you. Whatever method you choose (tutoring, online learning, flash cards), try to ensure you make it fun and engaging. Math can have a reputation for being the ‘boring subject’ but, when done right, it can actually be a lot of fun. Trust us, we’re the experts!

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  • Sabrina Tong

    November 26, 2015 #1 Author

    I’m slowly but surely losing my math facts. It’s true when they say, if you don’t use it you lose it. The convenience of having a calculator at my fingertips is going to make it harder to teach my little one basic math skills.


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