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car2go’s fancy new carsharing option for families
Carsharing is a pretty foreign concept to me.  I remember visiting my best friend in Toronto and her reserving a car2go to drop me off at the airport at the end of my stay and it was so cool to walk up to the car, have it unlock for... Read more
Everything you need to know about MailChimp
Last week I attended my first Camp Tech workshop out of the Hive in Vancouver.  I specify that it was my first, because I already know I want to attend MORE!  The course I took was Email Marketing With MailChimp which I highly recommend to anyone who runs their... Read more
My secret to making the most perfect cupcakes…
Ok, I need to tell you right away so as not to lead you on any longer.  My secret to making the most perfect cupcakes is actually not some fancy Pinterest-worthy tutorial on making cupcakes.  My secret is not a recipe passed down from generation to generation.  My secret... Read more
That time I had personal butler show up at my house
This is maybe one of my dreams come true.  I’m not sure about you, but having a personal butler has always sounded pretty darn cool to me! Last week, ‘said butler’ showed up at my house.  What?? Ok, so maybe he didn’t show up to start serving meals to... Read more
Summer pre-hab and injury prevention for kids
Written by: Maegan Mak, BSc, BKin, MPT Physiotherapist at Kids Physio Group (NVan and Vancouver locations) These days kids are so active and busy throughout the school year, participating in a wide variety of sports and other extracurricular activities. Summer break is when most kids have some time off... Read more
Body Awareness: Helping kids understand injury
Written by Julie Paul, BSc (HealthSciences), MScPT – Pediatric Physiotherapist at Kids Physio Group (North Van & Vancouver) Last post I discussed “Pain Language: Let Kids Learn the Lingo”. Now, let’s focus on the importance of teaching kids about their bodies after injury and during movement. My job is to... Read more
“The Maker’s Market” pop-up shopping event – Vancouver, May 16th
A GREAT event is happening in Vancouver mid-May.  Some of our favourite brands are hosting a pop-up shopping event called the Maker’s Market. Seven wildly popular local children’s brands have come together to host Vancouver’s biggest independent brand pop-up shopping event, where shoppers can meet their favourite kids’ designers... Read more
6 Tips for Achieving Healthy Hair
We all want it; thick, bouncy, glowing healthy hair. Follow these tips and you’ll be the hair envy of all your friends.  Don’t wash your hair every day Or even every other day. Try to get into the routine of washing your hair 2-3 times a week if possible.... Read more
Top Tips for Successfully Completing a Juice Cleanse
Oh my goodness.  I DID IT!  Last week I completed a full 3-day juice/soup cleanse with North Shore Juice Company and I didn’t cheat ONCE!  Because juice cleanses are a commitment physically, mentally and financially (and so many seem to be hesitant to give it a go) I am... Read more
Saltspring in the city – In Vancouver March 27-29th, 2015
For its second year, Salt Spring in the City – a kind of village market meets art show – returns to Vancouver March 27 to 29th to showcase the treasures and flavours of the Salish Sea. Visitors to Vancouver’s Heritage Hall will get to experience food and fashion, paintings and pottery, wine and... Read more