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Saying goodbye to naps by Leslie Black (A Kiss Goodnight)
Saying Goodbye to Naps  The thought of the end of naptime is terrifying for many parents. No more peaceful house for 2 or 3 hours every afternoon. No more time alone to get things done. No more…naps. Although it seems scary, it’s not as bad as you think. The... Read more
A day we will never forget: It started with preschool and ended in the ER
Today was a very exciting/interesting day at our place.  The day started out with the highly anticipated first day of preschool for Portia.  She has been talking about starting school all summer.  Seeing her in her little dress and new shoes all ready for school made my heart skip... Read more
How to get your kids to floss? by Dr. Melissa Skinner
How to get your kids to floss? I wish there were some magical tips I could provide to parents on flossing.  It’s an extremely difficult habit to form for all parents. The earlier you start forming the habit, the easier it will be to integrate into the daily oral... Read more
The Importance of Naps by Leslie Black (A Kiss Goodnight)
Naps. Do you love them or hate them? We all love the break when our little ones nap, but sometimes getting them to nap is so much work it doesn’t seem worth it. However, your baby or toddler really do need those naps.  When naps are skipped, this leads... Read more
Starting without slang: Teaching our kids the proper names for their bits
We have a special guest blogging for us today.  Marnie Goldenberg writes a fantastic blog called Sexplainer- Helping you raise sexually intelligent children. Welcome Marnie and thank you so much for this important information! Starting without slang: Teaching our kids the proper names for their bits by Marnie Goldenberg Because... Read more
Toddlers, Tantrums and Sleep by A Kiss Goodnight
Toddlers, Tantrums and Sleep Imagine this scenario: Your toddler is having a great time playing outside. He’s got his favorite fire truck and he’s rolling it through the dirt.  Now he’s finished playing outside, but not finished playing with that dirty fire truck and wants to bring it inside... Read more
Summer Travel Tips from A Kiss Goodnight
Summer Travel Tips Summer has arrived which means you probably have some vacation plans.  If you have a child that’s a great sleeper, you may be concerned about how travel and sleeping in a new environment will affect your little one.  If your child is not a great sleeper,... Read more
Toddler transitions: Moving to a ‘big bed’
We are lucky to have Leslie Black back (A Kiss Goodnight) with a great article this week about moving your little one from a crib to a ‘big bed’.  This is a big transition and can be daunting for many parents.  Read on to hear Leslie’s take on this... Read more
5 tips for making the transition from crib to toddler bed!
With baby girl #2 arriving in just 10 days now, my husband and I are trying to sort through the list of to-do’s and we are trying to prepare ourselves as best possible for life with TWO! Portia is nearly 26 months old now and there are so many... Read more
Motivation Charts: How to get your toddler out the door in the morning and into bed at night
Lately our morning and bedtime routines have been quite the challenge.  Portia used to let us undress her, dress her, brush her teeth, get her jacket on etc. without even noticing what was going on.  Now that she is a toddler in her “terrific two’s”, these (once-easy) routines are... Read more