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Does my child need Orthodontics?
I get asked everyday in my North Vancouver dental practice, questions from parents about their children’s teeth position and bite. A common question is, “Will my child need orthodontics in the near future?” I decided to write this post about the most common questions parents ask me about Orthodontics... Read more
5 Back to School Dental Tips
As summer holidays come to a close, parents and children of all ages begin to plan for a new back-to-school routine.  The start of school brings new beginnings– new clothes, new friends, a new teacher and new activities.  This is also a good time of year to establish a... Read more
How to Make Brushing Teeth FUN!
Let’s face it, brushing your little ones teeth can be a challenge! They chew the toothbrush, close their mouth, cry and run away. When it’s time to brush, many children even kick and scream, making this a dreaded time of the bedtime routine.  No matter how exhausting this can... Read more
What you should know about oral cancer!
Have you had an oral cancer exam? Most of us are aware that the following signs could be cancer: a skin lesion with irregular borders, a lump in our breast, blood in our urine. However, few know that if we have a non-tender lump in our neck, a persistent... Read more
Baby Teeth- What if they erupt crooked? by Dr. Melissa Skinner
Baby teeth – what if they erupt crooked? by Dr. Melissa Skinner (Third St. Dental) ‘Baby teeth’ are essential to a healthy child’s growth and development. It allows your toddler to eat comfortably, learn to speak well and esthetically be proud of their smile. Also, ‘baby teeth’ need to... Read more
Snacks & Mouth: Healthy Tips from Dental Health Expert Dr. Melissa Skinner
We are so happy to announce that Dr. Melissa Skinner has joined the North Shore Mama Expert panel as our resident Dental Expert.  This is the first of many informative posts that Melissa will be sharing with us.  Welcome to the team, Melissa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Snacks & Mouth Healthy Tips... Read more