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Mt Seymour Eco-Adventure Summer Camps in North Vancouver
We are half way through summer break! It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true! Both our girls have been in camps quite a bit this summer and have been experiencing all sorts of new and exciting things.  It is so important for me to have the kids in camps... Read more
Choose your sunscreen based on these 3 things…
Depending on where you are in Canada, you may be experiencing record highs or in the case of those of us in Vancouver, record lows and rainfall!  Either way sun protection is a “hot” topic this time of year and a great time to gather information and tips on... Read more
Simplifying Meal Time For Your Family in 5 Easy Steps
Far too often, when I unpack my kids’ lunch bags after school, I find most of their lunch still in the bag. I ask why… “They needed us out of the classrooms, so we didn’t have time to eat better.”  Consistent answers from both boys.  Other moms relate a... Read more
BBQ Inspiration from PC® Insiders Collection
I recently had the great opportunity of attending a really fun summer kickoff event hosted by President’s Choice.  The “Gear up to Summer” evening was a party thrown by Citizen Relations and if you’re ever attended one of their events (or you’ve seen them on social media), you’ll know that... Read more
A guide to preventing the ‘summer slide’ & giveaways!
Slides are fun, why would parents prevent them?  Not THOSE kinds of slides, you guys! Cheeky monkeys! THE Summer Slide is a term used to describe what happens to kids when school is out for two months over the summer months.  Statistically, reading levels go down because children aren’t... Read more
Summer blast $1000 CASH giveaway!
  Summer Blast $1000 Cash Giveaway Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 11:59PM to Monday, September 15, 2014 at 11:59PM Open Worldwide Prize: One winner will receive $1000 USD payable via PayPal Eligibility and Rules: This giveaway runs from Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 11:59PM to Monday, September 15 at... Read more
The Death of the Ice Cream Truck
It is important to us that our girls eat healthy and we limit ‘treats’ as much as possible in our home.  Having said that, we will head out for frozen yogurt on a hot sunny day.  We’re strict about it, but within reason Something happened the other day at... Read more
Summer Travel Tips from A Kiss Goodnight
Summer Travel Tips Summer has arrived which means you probably have some vacation plans.  If you have a child that’s a great sleeper, you may be concerned about how travel and sleeping in a new environment will affect your little one.  If your child is not a great sleeper,... Read more
Midweek Mini: Backyard Car Wash
It’s Wednesday. The weekend feels so close yet still so far away. It’s that awkward post-nap, pre-dinner time of day. Your kidlets are revitalised and you should probably get them out of the house, but dinner won’t cook itself, so you’re racking your brain for a fun, (and hopefully... Read more
Whistler Children’s Festival (& a giveaway!)
Whistler’s longest-running festival is back this summer celebrating its 30th anniversary!  The Whistler Children’s Festival has been a highlight for both locals and tourists year after year and this year, they have moved to a new location to accommodate the anticipated 5000+ participants! This year, the festival has moved... Read more