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How to up your snacking game? Make it #betterwithbarkTHINS!
I have been on a major health kick lately.  I don’t know what came over me, but I somehow started eliminating baked goods, breads and grains in general… kind of by semi-accident.  I have never felt ‘great’ after eating pastas or muffins, even though I adore the taste.  Don’t... Read more
Our first Jamberry Nails experience (+ Jamberry GIVEAWAY!)
I kept hearing about Jamberry and, on many occasions, I have noticed women with really interesting nail designs.  Nine times out of ten, when I asked where they got their cool nails done, the answer was “these are Jamberry nails”.  (One time out of ten, the answer would be... Read more
Stuck on you: Tools 4 School review (& a giveaway!)
It’s that (slightly awkward) time of the year where there are still a few weeks of summer to be enjoyed, but the planning for the start-up of school is also being taken into consideration.  I know many parents out there who started their back-to-school shopping in July! Maybe you... Read more