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My new favourite breakfast: Vanilla Chia Pudding
I know, I know! Chia is SO good for me!!! To be honest, I just haven’t found a way of ‘consuming’ it that I have enjoyed enough to commit to those little super seeds.  They’re HIGH in fibre, antioxidants, protein and Omega 3’s, while being LOW in calories.  But... Read more
Valentine’s Brownies with Buttercream Frosting & Heart Sprinkles
I am not a big baker.  I love to eat baked treats, but I prefer if someone else makes them for me :). I like to cook and try new recipes, but it feels like there is more ‘flexibility’ when it comes to cooking.  When I decide to bake... Read more
Spinach Pesto: Healthy & Super Easy
If you’re strapped for time one night this week, I highly recommend trying this yummy and very healthy pesto.  Just stir it into some steaming hot noodles (I like to put it over the tri-colour vegetable pasta) and you have an instant meal. My toddler LOVES it! Last time... Read more
In case you are looking for some meal-time inspiration, I thought I’d share a very yummy recipe that we are having for dinner tonight. I found this recipe on All Recipes right here. I made some changes, as I usually do when following a recipe. I left out the bread... Read more