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51Moments- Book a photographer last minute and save!
I know how easy it is to take pictures of your children with your iPhone and call it a day.  We all know the quality isn’t the same as getting pictures taken professionally, but we have our phones on us and it’s just convenient, right?  I am guilty of... Read more
baby #2, but a maternity shoot first: Photography by Erica O
If you have been following my blog, you might remember that a little while back, I worked with Erica O on a giveaway of some of her super cute children’s accessories. Erica and I have teamed up again, this time tapping into her other talent: photography! Just over a... Read more
Images by Bethany family photo shoot (& giveaway!)
Since Portia was born, just over two years ago now, I have really wanted to do a professional photo session of our little family. For some reason, we never got one done, no matter how many times I reminded myself to look into it. I think finding the right... Read more