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Does my child need Orthodontics?
I get asked everyday in my North Vancouver dental practice, questions from parents about their children’s teeth position and bite. A common question is, “Will my child need orthodontics in the near future?” I decided to write this post about the most common questions parents ask me about Orthodontics... Read more
What makes Math different from other subjects?
Do you remember those giant building blocks your kids play (or played) with? You know the ones – the big yellow, blue and red blocks that get every child and adult attempting, for hours, to make a giant, leaning structure? We all love piling up those building blocks but... Read more
Summer pre-hab and injury prevention for kids
Written by: Maegan Mak, BSc, BKin, MPT Physiotherapist at Kids Physio Group (NVan and Vancouver locations) These days kids are so active and busy throughout the school year, participating in a wide variety of sports and other extracurricular activities. Summer break is when most kids have some time off... Read more
Be careful on our North Shore mountain trails! Especially when hiking with your kids!
A six-year old boy fell 40 feet down an embankment where the BCMC and Baden Powell trails intersect and ended up in the hospital on Monday afternoon. There are many outdoor activities that we like doing with our kids, but this is a reminder to be extra careful and to... Read more