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Event announcement: Lonsdale Quay Retail Level grand re-opening
Very exciting news for North Shore residents! The retail level at Lonsdale Quay is re-opening after extensive upgrades and we’re all invited to celebrate at a grand re-opening event.  Lonsdale Quay is such a great place to hang out with the family and I’ve spent many many days there with... Read more
When it comes to customer service, it’s the little things!
The saying “it’s the little things” could not be more appropriate for a recent customer service experience I had.  I am a stickler for detail and when a company or a person goes above and beyond to make their customers feel appreciated and happy, I notice.  I notice and... Read more
Gifts for that fabulous woman in your life {HUGE GIVEAWAY}
Welcome to the 2015 North Shore Mama Holiday Gift Guide series.  This is a 3 part series starting with a compilation of really cool gifts ‘for the ladies’.  If you are looking for great ideas on what to give that incredible woman in your life, you have come to... Read more
Math: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” “Change for Change sake.” Both are commonly used phrases…but when it comes to teaching math, we would say the first is a good rule to live by! Over the years, education philosophy and curriculum have changed – especially as technology becomes more... Read more
Our summer is off to a great start thanks to Escape Adventures!
Last week, Portia completed a weeklong bike camp with Escape Adventures in North Vancouver.  Spoiler alert: She went from NOT being able to ride a bike to RIDING her bike… ON.  HER.  OWN. Brian and I have tried to help her get up and running on her bike (without... Read more
North Shore’s Property of the Week #TeamFinney
I am thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to my dear friend Jessica’s site, which, despite my lack of children of my own, I have been reading intently over the last few years.  I reached out to Jessica about contributing to her site because I felt that this... Read more
West Vancouver Community Day 2015
The West Vancouver Community Day is maybe my family’s longest running tradition and definitely one of our favourites! Here are the event details so you can enjoy it with your family this year too!  (OH! And it’s going to be super sunny and hot, so make sure you’ve got... Read more
Top Tips for Successfully Completing a Juice Cleanse
Oh my goodness.  I DID IT!  Last week I completed a full 3-day juice/soup cleanse with North Shore Juice Company and I didn’t cheat ONCE!  Because juice cleanses are a commitment physically, mentally and financially (and so many seem to be hesitant to give it a go) I am... Read more
Introducing a Lovey to your baby
When I start working with a family, one of the first things I do is recommend giving the child a “lovey”.  A lovey is any item that your child can use during the night and naps to find comfort and soothe themself back to sleep.  They can help for... Read more
Quelling the Fears of a Kindergarten Mom
Author: Tara Cree This year my youngest started Kindergarten. No question that she was intellectually ready; preschool teachers told me she needed more challenge. Yet when it was time to register her, I was anxious. The thought of dropping her off outside the door of a Kindergarten class with... Read more