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31 Netflix Documentaries You HAVE to Watch!
Get ready for some serious Netflix couch-potato time!  I have compiled a list of 31 Netflix documentaries all available on Netflix Canada that came HIGHLY recommended to me by family and friends! I find that when I have time to cue up a Netflix show, I am gravitating toward documentaries... Read more
The BEST new show for kids on Netflix!
Summer is half over.  What the?  I hope you’ve all been enjoying the long summer days.  We have been having a great summer, but ‘long’ is totally how I would describe some of our days.  With little ones, life is all about playing, playing, playing and when it’s time... Read more
What Mama’s Watching on Netflix
I will be the first to admit that Netflix is a bit of a crutch in this household when it comes to entertaining the kids.  Want to shower in peace? Throw on a show. Need to get dinner made? Throw on a show. You know the drill… While I try... Read more
Choosing a night in with Netflix this Valentine’s Day!
Tomorrow is the day.  THE day! The day of loooooove.  While many couples have made reservations well in advance at their favourite restaurants for this special occasion, over at our house we’ll likely be having a home-cooked meal, watching one of the girls’ favourite movies and then firing up... Read more
The only resolution I’m making this year #NewYearNewView
At the beginning of every new year, I sit and write out goals for myself.  I think about all the things I would LOVE to change, work on, strive for and achieve. I deemed 2014 the year of YES.  I told myself I would say ‘yes’ to every business... Read more
Family Holiday Favourites #NetfliXmas (NETFLIX Giveaway!)
I love pretty much everything about the holiday season.  Christmas is just my ‘thing’.  All the holiday events, pretty decorations, time with family, the food… there’s nothing I don’t love about it. Christmas is different with young kids in the picture. The Christmas tree decorations are a little less... Read more
Possibly the most frustrating part of each day
Our girls are usually up by around 6 or 6:30am.  For night owls like my husband and I, this is VERY early.  I *try* and get to bed before midnight, but it doesn’t always happen, so mornings feel like they start before I’ve even fallen asleep the night before.... Read more
5 last-minute Halloween costumes for kids!
I do everything last minute.  It’s an ‘issue’.  Instead of being on the ball and super organized, I run around like a crazy person trying to fit everything in.  Case in point- I volunteered to help in Portia’s Kindergarten classroom tomorrow and I have neither a costume nor the... Read more
Unsolicited advice for the start of the school year #StreamTeam
I cannot cannot cannot believe it is already OCTOBER.  All the months kind of feel like they are starting to meld together, and I’m feeling more and more that whole “time flies” thing. A lot happened in August and September brought the start of Kindergarten for Portia and a... Read more
Tell me lies, tell me sweet little (white) lies #StreamTeam
I try not to make a habit of this but, sometimes, I tell little white lies to the girls.  I only do it if I know it’s regarding something completely harmless and yet, I still feel guilty when I think back on it later. Yesterday… I told a lie.... Read more