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The cutest Halloween costumes at Walmart #HalloweenForLess
Halloween is rapidly approaching and this year something completely OUTRAGEOUS happened over here! Instead of waiting (some may go so far as to call it procrastinating!) until a few days before Halloween to get my girls their costumes, I had their costumes hanging in their closets all ready to... Read more
5 Ways To Protect Your Child’s Teeth This Halloween
Halloween can be a fun and exciting time of year… filled with costumes, pumpkin carvings, and of course – candy! Many parents fear this holiday, due to the immense amount of sugar and treats their children will have. However, Halloween can be a wonderful time to teach your children... Read more
5 last-minute Halloween costumes for kids!
I do everything last minute.  It’s an ‘issue’.  Instead of being on the ball and super organized, I run around like a crazy person trying to fit everything in.  Case in point- I volunteered to help in Portia’s Kindergarten classroom tomorrow and I have neither a costume nor the... Read more
Five Halloween Tips-and-Tricks for Parents
By Clinical Counselor and Child and Family Therapist Michele Kambolis, author of Generation Stressed: Play-Based Tools to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety Halloween is a time when kids seem to want all the rules to go out the window. After all, it’s supposed to be fun! It’s also a... Read more
The Best and Worst Halloween candy for your teeth
Halloween’s candy haul is pretty much a dentistry fright fest. But are some sweets worse than others when it comes to our teeth? The answer is Yes!  The WORST candies The WORST candies for our teeth are those that stick around for a long time. Sticky candies, like toffees and... Read more