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The importance of the Arts (for kids of all ages)
I have always believed in the importance of Arts education, so much so that I did my graduate degree in Fine Arts Education to round off my teaching credentials.  There’s another reason that I chose Fine Arts as my focus, though! After already having taught in elementary classrooms for... Read more
Vision board art night at THRIVE studio
Last week, I had the immense pleasure of being in a room filled with women I adore and admire while supporting a lovely friend of mine at her art studio on Main St.  Yes, it was as amazing as it sounds! Jamie Smith, a local Vancouver artist, is doing... Read more
Toddler Valentine activity
I know Valentine’s Day is still a few weeks away, but I always feel kind of sad when Christmas and New Year’s are over, so I decided to start filling the void early! Here is a quick and easy to prep toddler activity that I put together for Portia... Read more